The underground treasures

Dare to discover them

The Earth is full of amazing places hidden underground. We know that you have an explorer spirit, that’s why we want you to join us on a trip to discover the most majestic caverns in the world.

1.- Glowworms Cavern, New Zealand

The Waitomo area in New Zealand is famous for its limestone cavers. In these caverns, you can find one of the most magical insects in the world: the glowworm. Glow worms emit a phosphorescent glow that lights up the cave and creates a surreal environment.


2.- Vatnajokull Glacier Cavern, Iceland

This cavern is part of the largest glacier in Iceland. The ice adopts differents forms and changes colors to blue, orange or red depending on the sun position. Tourists can visit only during the winter when the ice sheets are strong enough to be climbed.

Picture: Einar Runar Sigurdson

3.- Naica Mine, Mexico

This cavern is a true wonder of the underground world. It contains selenite mega crystals, most of them are 36ft long or more. These are much larger than any crystals ever found. The cavern’s temperature is 50ºC and 100% humidity, where humans can survive only for a few minutes. It will continue to be explored with new, specially designed gear, which allows the explorers to remain in the cavern for almost one hour.

Picture: nicole_denise

4.- Son Doong Cavern, Vietnam

This is the world’s largest cavern discovered in 2009. The name “Son Doong” means “mountain river cavern”. The cavern is 3.1 mi long approximately. And guess what explorers? If you want to explore this cavern you can do it, Oxalis Adventure is the only operator allowed to take tourists to Son Doong, the only inconvenient is that it will cost you around $3,000 US dollars per person. A little expensive, but well worth it.

Picture: NatGeo

5.- Ice Cavern Near The Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia

This surreal ice cavern was formed by a stream that flowed through glacial fields at the bottom of the volcano. We found the magic of this cavern in it’s roof, which is transparent and changes color depending on the temperature and the season.

Picture: Denis Budko

6.- Batu Cavern, Malaysia

Can you imagine a temple inside a cavern? Batu is a limestone hill that has a series of caverns and inside one of them, there is a temple called Batu Malai Sri Murugan Temple or Temple Cavern. To reach it, visitors must climb 272 steps. You need to be in a really good physical condition to climb this one.

Picture: Danny Xeero

7.- Xplor Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Xplor is a theme Park located a few minutes from Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Below the Park, you will find one of the hidden secrets of the Riviera Maya: underground rivers, a place where you can swim in blue waters surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites.

8.- Ellison’s Cavern, USA

Do you dare to descend 586 ft straight down? If you do, you must visit the Ellison’s Cavern in Georgia, USA. The pit is open year-round, but should only be entered by experienced climbers. The vertical sections of the cavern require extensive knowledge and practice of single rope technique climbing. Careful preparation, including bringing the proper gear and clothing is essential in order to explore this cavern.


9.- Marble Caverns, Patagonia

These caverns are located inside of a glacial lake called General Carrera. The swirling patterns on the cavern interiors are a reflection of the lake’s blue waters, which change color depending on the water levels, the weather and season. To get to the caverns,  visitors must travel 800 miles on major highways, then they have to drive 200 miles on rough dirt roads towards the lake. Finally, visitors will have to take a 30 minutes boat ride in order to access the caverns. A long way to get to these caverns, but we are sure that well worth it.

Picture: Edison Zanatto

10.- Tham Lod Cavern, Thailand

This 5465 ft long limestone cavern is the home of bats and swifts. The Nam Lang River flows through the cavern which is filled with stalactites and stalagmites. You can take a raft tour guided by local tour operators. There are three different stops where you go down from the rafts to climb up into the cavern chambers via wooden staircases.


If you visited some of them, share your experience with us, we would love to hear about it.

Which one would you like to explore?