Adventure is back with the new 360º Xafety model 

And it’s just as exciting!

The long-awaited return of Xplor Park happened, and of course, we went to see how much the adventure in this all-inclusive park changed with the new safety and hygiene measures! 

You can feel an atmosphere of freedom in the middle of the Maya jungle when you arrive at the park.  Also, you feel safe thanks to the staff that follows all the measures of Group Xcaret’s 360° Xafety model

The park hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and to take advantage of the day, we arrived very early. When we could enter, I noticed that all the staff members had face masks, gloves, and were disinfecting the surfaces. The entire protocol starts from the entrance, the parking spaces are separated by cones to maintain the distance between each car.

At the entrance we found troglodytes that were also using face masks, I found it as a creative way to invite you to follow the safety and hygiene measures as you enter this adventurous world.

Also, you’ll find footprints on the ground marking the recommended distance to keep from the rest of the visitors, as well as different signs that mention the protocols to follow within the park. Everything in a very “Xplor style”.


When we arrived at the ticket booth, they took our temperature and the person in charge gave us the option of putting on the bracelet or having us do it, as well as mentioned very important recommendations: 

  • Wear the face mask throughout the day. 
  • Put the disinfectant gel on each station that we find. 
  • Maintain a 1.5 m (5 ft) distance with other visitors.

    Some people asked if they could take the photos without the mask, it was recommended that if they wanted to, they could take off the mask, smile at the camera and put it back on to maintain a healthy and safe environment. I felt safer using it throughout the day and it was very comfortable doing the activities with it.


    The local stores are always a necessary stop in any place we visit, so we decided to visit the ones in Xplor and we found some new products that are just as necessary as water shoes and a bathing suit to have a good adventure. 

    They have a great variety of different colored face masks, with very funny designs. Some with Mexican styles and others with faces of different species that inhabit the jungle. We could also find disinfectant gel bottles. Basically, everything you need to be safe.


    • 1-piece face mask: MXN 59.00 / USD 2.68    
    • 7-pack face mask: MXN 399.00 / USD 18.13    
    • 1-piece mask: MXN 249.00 / USD 11.31     
    • 2-pieces masks: MXN 399.00 / USD 18.13    
    • Bottle of hand sanitizer gel: MXN 69.00 / USD 3.13



    We were handed a previously disinfected bracelet with a key so that we could store our things in a locker. I noticed that a healthy distance is also kept inside the locker area as they don’t give out keys for lockers that are located right next to each other. This way, you can go as many times as you want to change your clothes or take out your valuables without any kind of crowding.

    I am very grateful that it was so because I returned more than twice to my locker and I never ran into someone very close.


    The million-dollar question, we were all eager to see what the new normal would be like. Of course, what we asked ourselves the most when we arrived was, what will the activities be like now? The answer to this question is the best part of everything I have told you. 

    An advantage that Xplor has is that the activities already had a very good system for them to be quick and to avoid being frustrated by prolonged lines. This is due to its traffic lights system, they’ve always been useful to know beforehand how full the activities are, and now they are more useful than ever. Thanks to them, we can prevent crowds in the briefing areas of the activities.

    I assure you that you will have fun because the activities didn’t change at all with the new safety protocols. 

    Disinfection protocols are excellent. They clean and disinfect every surface we touch and the equipment we use. It made me feel safe and enjoy all the activities.


    They are delivered to you previously disinfected and you can’t remove it during the day, except in the food area, where you can place it on the already disinfected table.  

    Underground rivers and caverns

    There were many activities at a green light, so we decided to start our adventure by cooling off in the cave rivers. It was very relaxing because we were three people traveling through this underground world.

    When we met a couple during our tour, I was very gratified to see that despite believing that we were alone, they also followed the recommendations and wore their face masks.  

    Vests and helmets also follow a strict disinfection protocol, so that all visitors can use them in complete safety.

    Something important that I would like to tell you is that swimming with the face masks that sell in the park stores is very comfortable. It does not smell bad, and the best thing is that they dry fast. I highly recommend them for a day with so many activities! 


    The guide handed us a previously disinfected hammock, and he only allowed one person to pass at a time, always mentioning that we keep the distance from each other while waiting for our turn. 


    One of the most popular activities are zip-lines, so I suggest you be patient and wait to see the green light to do this activity. You must know that in this activity you have to wait for the person before you to arrive at the next tower and exit it. This so that there are not many people in the same tower.


    This protocol has always existed to prevent accidents and is now valued more for safety and hygiene. Something excellent that I noticed while waiting on the stairs for my friends, was that there was staff disinfecting the rails with a spray bottle regularly.



    This is one of my favorite activities because I love to feel the speed and the breeze of the jungle. The guides disinfect the seats, the steering wheel, the lever, the seat belt, and everything you can touch to hold on when you go at full speed in the middle of the jungle. 

    We had a great time waiting for them to finish the disinfection process, because there are places with shade, so the sun was not a problem, but being in the Riviera Maya, the sun should never be a problem.


    After a sunny day in the jungle, we decided to do one last venture with water rafts! An activity to test your coordination. The raft area has the same distance and disinfection rules. The rafts and hand paddles are previously disinfected. So, you can enjoy this activity! 


    With so many physical activities it is necessary to recharge energy, that is why food and drinks are sacred at Xplor. In addition, we must take advantage of the fact that they are included in our ticket 

    Oasis and Manantial 

    For safety and hygiene, Oasis and Manantial only have drinks service, so we took advantage and went to Oasis for a delicious juice before starting our activities.

    Halfway through our tour, we went for a fabulous smoothie to Manantial to continue the adventure. Remember that you can get as many juices and smoothies as you want.

    Troglodyte restaurant

    The first thing we noticed is that at the entrance there was a module with the safety and hygiene measures you should take and a station with disinfectant gel. We waited a few minutes before our table was assigned. Once inside the restaurant, the waitress asked us to place the helmets on the disinfected table and invited us to go to the buffet. 

    You can still have a buffet meal with all the food you want, but now, it has an assisted service. These are the most important points to consider:

    • There are one or two staff people serving food at each food bar, that’s why I recommend you wait at your table if there are too many people in line. 
    • In each food bar, they give you a different plate to avoid more than two people touching the same plate. 
    • Drinks and cutlery are delivered directly to your table. 
    • Consider that your mealtime will be longer than the activities, so don’t leave it at the end.



      Visiting Xplor was incredible after all that has been going on. I was happy to be able to have nature so close, feel the sun, and cool off in the rivers. Xplor makes you feel the adventure as always, with a comfortable and safe environment. I loved it! 

      I FELT SAFE 

      The park has always made sure that you feel safe while enjoying the adventure. Each member of the staff wears face masks, gloves, and bottles of disinfecting gel at all times. They also make sure to inform you about the recommendations so that you can protect yourself. 


      If you are looking for an escape, strong emotions, and to feel free, visit Xplor. The experience is very worth living! The park is also great for the whole family. I loved seeing all together living the same experience. 

      What else would you like to know about my visit to the Xplor under the new normal? Write a comment and I will answer you.