Sharing moments of fun

with the little ones

Nowadays we live in a world full of all kind of technologic devices. They are part of our everyday activities. We use them at work, at home, at school and even during our free time, since we waste it watching a smart tv o playing video games. For these reasons kids nowadays are very used to easily have all this technology on their hands. So they don’t know the world without tablets, smartphones or Internet.

Technological advances became essential useful tools. They simplify our jobs and help us in some areas of the learning process at every age of a human being. But, do you remember how we used to spend afternoons playing games at home or going to parks and playgrounds? So it’s time to get a little nostalgic with this list of super fun activities that you can share with your kids. It can be at home, outdoors or even while are traveling.

  • Do watercolor paintings
  • Do jigsaw puzzles
  • Build a pillow and bed sheets fortress
  • Make funny play-dough figures
  • Schedule board games night
  • Cook with them their favorite dessert
  • Draw in a coloring book
  • Read comics and books together
  • Play with traditional toys like marbles, Mexican balero, yo-yo or whipping top
  • Make your own superhero costumes
  • Organize a picnic
  • Visit the different parks at town
  • Practice sports together
  • Play giant versions of classic games like tic-tac-toe, Jenga or Scrabble
  • Listen to their favorite songs on a road trip
  • Invent stories with random words
  • Do your own riddles with cartoon characters or things you find during vacations

The daily use of all the computers we use can be positive. Nevertheless, we should not take away from the kids that important part of childhood. Learning and discover new stuff every day, reinforce the use of imagination to create games and ways to have fun, and to spend quality times with family and friends. In conclussion, it is essential to teach the little ones to make an intelligent use of the technology with entertainment means to not make them dependents of always having a smartphone or a tablet. This will also help them with their social skills.

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What was your favorite game to play when you were little?