Test your skills and abilities at Xavage

Discover your inner adrenaline with the best adventure activities

Hidden perhaps deep inside you, you can find your wild side. That side is driven by adrenaline, which makes us scream at the top of our lungs when we feel pleasure and emotion. You’re probably someone who celebrates and enjoys it. However, you can also be someone who doesn’t even know they have it within. It may be just a matter of giving yourself a little push to unleash the wild within you, but… how?  and where?  Not to worry, that place has finally opened in the Riviera Maya, right where the X marks the spot: Xavage. This new adrenaline park is designed to offer you a wonderful and unique space to set your wild side free. Here, you not only have the guarantee that Grupo Xcaret offers with its parks, but you’ll also discover your level of audacity with seven different activities, will you dare to overcome them all? Find below the adrenaline scale of the Xavage activities so you can decide which of them you dare to try:

1.- Barracuda

Starting with the toughest of them all. Barracuda is a rafting activity where you will not only test the strength of your arms but also your teamwork and balance skills. This artificial 1 km river includes different obstacles among which you will find; waterfalls, furious rapids, and sharp curves. So far, it’s one of the favorite activities of the park, even though it’s one of the most difficult ones. A tour guide will always accompany the group to give precise instructions. However, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility that you may end up falling into the water. Don’t worry about it, it’s part of the fun.

2.- Monkeys

If you are afraid of heights, you’re better off trying a different activity. Monkeys will take you up and above to test the strength of your arms, legs, and even your balance skills. Choose one of its four levels: Spider Monkey (26 ft.), Howler Monkey (45 ft.), Orangutan (82 ft.) and Gorilla (118 ft.). However, the challenge here is not necessarily the height, but the 787-foot distance throughout various unusual obstacles that will test your levels of stability and coordination. It doesn’t matter if you choose Spider Monkey or Gorilla; this tour is very physically demanding and exhausting regardless of the level that you choose.

3.- Dragonfly

Don’t be fooled by the name of this finesse small insect, because Dragonfly is a special water path for speed lovers. Get on a speedboat and adjust your helmet, the adventure begins as soon as the engine starts. Get ready for a tour filled with 360º turns performed at full speeds on the water. Feel the breeze brushing against your face as you let out all your emotions while maneuvering throughout the narrow canals.

4.- Puma

Adjust your belt tightly… you are about to undertake a ride mounted in an all-terrain vehicle through very extreme obstacles. Trunks, tires, rocks, inclinations, stairs and even crushed cars, are just some of the elements that you will face in this 15-obstacle circuit! Take control of the steering wheel and, whatever you do, do not let the vehicle turn over.

5.- Hawk

In the Riviera Maya, you can never miss a zip-line adventure. However, this one is somewhat different. Rush through the air horizontally for two long minutes, extend your arms and feel like a real bird. This activity is not as extreme as the previous ones, so it’s perfect to offer you a pleasant and peaceful break in between the others. You can even close your eyes to enter the fantasy, just don’t forget to smile for the photo.

6.- Crocodile

Once again, the name of this activity can be quite deceiving, although it may sound extreme, this path is anything but dangerous. Get on a kayak and enjoy a nice ride through Xavage. Enjoy the singing of the birds that nest in the trees nearby and even discover a few dragonflies that perch on the water. The Crocodile trail, despite being quiet, will require utilizing your arm strength, so make the right decision between going with the short route or the long one.

7.- Serpent

As your guide will let you know at the beginning of your tour; Serpent was originally designed for the youngest of the family. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy this pleasant oasis. Maybe you won’t be able to get on the slides, but you can always cool off with the giant water dump buckets and lie down on the lounge chairs to rest. Believe us when we say that this is the place where you want to be right after you’ve had lunch. Read: Everything you need to know about the Xavage Buffet If what you are looking for is a time for extreme fun and many adventures, Xavage is the ideal place to satisfy your adrenaline cravings. Now that you know the difference between each one of the activities, it will be easier for you to choose which of them you want to perform and which ones you will do more than one time. Remember that in each of them you will be provided with the necessary safety equipment, as well as the instructions that you must follow. This is always to keep you safe and so that nothing gets in the way of your fun. Now you are ready to live the adrenaline of Xavage. Don’t wait any longer and unleash the wild within!