Little Xplorers

The best way to live the Xplor experience is to become a kid again.

We wanted to hear from our smaller Xplorers on what they think about Xplor and the best way to enjoy the park with all the energy and novelty of being a child again.

Without a doubt, our expert’s favorite activity is the zip lines, were the adrenaline of flying is the biggest attraction and the ideal family-friendly activity in Cancun to celebrate this or any other special occasion.


What are some tips to make the most out of the park?

Our young Xplorer, Chase, invites us to use our imagination and become our favorite hero. While flying through, he told us he pretended to be “Harry Potter”. Feel like your favorite adventurous traveler while flying across the jungle in 14 zip lines divided into two circuits, the deer and the jaguar. Xplor has the longest zip lines in Latin America.


Then imagine being in a pre-historic driving one of our amphibious vehicles where you can see the park, drive in caverns and feel the adrenaline of driving in a hanging bridge.

And finally become an explorer and discover all the secrets hidden within the caves formed thousands of years ago to discover unparalleled beauty in the rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites. You can take the plunge of swimming in the underground caves and can also admire this beauty by paddling in a raft. Do not miss any of the two and experience the best Children’s Day, whether you are a kid or you feel like a kid.

What adventurous traveler would you be while visiting Xplor?