Tips and facts

for a day of extreme activities at Cancun

It is always useful to have some tips and recommendations while planning our trips. Even more, if we plan to challenge our nerves at an extreme park like Xavage, the place where you can choose your adrenaline level.   


For everyone that is looking for adventures and extreme activities, there are new challenges for you. We know that places like Cancun and Riviera Maya are perfect to rest, and enjoying the sun, pools, and beaches. But now they have become the ideal destination for those who like to feel the adrenaline rushing in.

Take note! These tips are here to help you. So, you will only have to worry about how bold you can be.

  1. Xavage is open from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Sunday.
  2. There are different admissions, it all depends on how many activities you want to enjoy. You can buy them on the official site.
  3. How to get to the park? You can add round-trip transportation from your hotel at Cancun or Riviera Maya. You can also get by car since there is free parking.
  4. Xavage is an extreme Park for all the family. How is that? Yes, all ages are welcome. The little ones can enjoy the waterslides, fountains, and wading pool at Though Cubs.  The rest of the activities is required at a minimum height of 4 ft.
  5. You will receive a bracelet charged with “xhots”. Each xhot is an entry to one activity.
  6. Every admission includes lockers.  Before starting every activity, you will have the chance to use an emergency locker in case you need it.Tips-y-Consejos-Xavage_2
  7. You should wear fresh and comfortable clothes or a swimming suit if you plan to do water activities. Do not forget to pack an extra outfit for the end of the day.
  8. Use biodegradable sunscreen.
  9. Bring a good pair of sneakers or water shoes. Flip flops are not a good idea at activities like Howler Monkey or Barracuda.
  10. Your helmet activates the photosystem
  11. Our auto photo spots called “xelfies” all around the park are activated with your helmet. So, wear it all the time and remember to smile at the camera.
  12. Being bold is hungry. There is a snack bar open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The buffet restaurant is available from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (included from Xavage Hard admission).
  13. Selfie sticks are not allowed during the activities. You can keep them at the emergency lockers.
  14. You will need both hands to do most of the challenges in the Park.
  15. Do you want to repeat an activity? You can recharge your bracelet with extra xhots at the park’s shops.
  16. Just before each activity, you will receive all the instructions and security tips. Pay attention, ask every doubt you have, and follow these tips.
  17. Every activity has its own themed gift shop!

With these tips and facts, now you are ready to grab the wheel at Puma and climb the heights at Howler Monkey. Challenge the unique white-water rapids in the destination at Barracuda, and feel the adrenaline of full-speed navigating in narrow canals at Dragonfly. You will be free to choose how and when to use your xhots.

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Tell us, what else do you want to know about Xavage? The place where you will discover how bold you are.