Tulum, Quintana Roo


Why should you stay off this mind-boggling place

It seems like everyone is talking about Tulum lately, even international media like Vogue or The New York Times have their own opinion about this place, and we really don’t know why they keep recommending it. We decided not to stay behind and tell you everything you need to know about Tulum, and why you should NOT spend your valuable time in here:


1. Waking up really early in the morning just to watch the sunrise? Why would I want to do that? Im on vacation, I wanna wake up at 12:00 pm and be in pijamas all day!


Photo by: chrissusieking

2. Snorkeling in an ancient Cenote?  I’m more interested in swimming at a pool with a bunch of little kids playing and splashing water all over. 


Photo by: dchrisoh

3. Drinking fresh water from a recently fallen coconut of a Caribbean palm tree? Why? I can have all the sweetened sodas I want at the convenience store.


Photo by: Alejandro De La Cruz

4. Let’s say white sandy beaches are just not my kind of place.


Photo by: Simon Cast

5. Floating on a tube in a natural river?  I’d rather take a bath in the hotel’s little tub, that’ll be a lot more refreshing.



6. Yoga at the beach?, sorry I’d rather do some workout in the treadmill at the gym, is a little fresher than working out in a hot beach don’t you think? 


Photo by: Kimberly Bellinger|Yoga Adventure

7. Spending a whole day in touch with nature and watching amazing blue colors in a Biosphere Reserve? Sian Ka’an is definitely not for me, I’m more like playing mini golf at the hotel kind of type. 


Photo by: Giovanni Frenda

8. Eating delicious local food made with fresh ingredients at the moment? I would like to stay with the burgers and hot-dogs at the fast food restaurant close to my place if it’s ok.



Photo by: Bill Adams|Zamas

9. And, finally why would I want to visit the only ancient Mayan city next to the Caribbean Sea? Thank you again, but no, I’m more into the ruins left from the sand castles that kids built on the sand yesterday.


Photo by: Matt Champlin

So please, listen to our advice and think twice about visiting Tulum, because you might fall in love and never want to go back home again.

After reading this blog, do you feel as convinced as us that visiting Tulum would ruin your life?

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