The Mind Of A Woman On Vacation

Goodbye winter, hello eternal summer!

  1.  Here we go, we are landing in Cancun! 
  2.  Goodbye winter, hello eternal summer!
  3. I wonder if it really is hot outside as people say.
  4.  OMG, I’m sticky already.
  5. I shouldn’t have brought this jacket and boots on.
  6. Eww, my armpits are sweating.
  7. I hope no one will notice.
  8. Take it easy.
  9. Think about your new bathing suite.
  10. Yeah…my new blue swimsuit.
  11. I can’t believe it was on sale.
  12. I should have bought the black one too.
  13. Nevermind.
  14. Just imagine…
  15. Me, my blue swimsuit and a margarita at the beach.
  16. In which probably I’ll look bad in it.
  17.  I should have done exercise.
  18. Well, the hotel brochure said they had a gym.
  19. I can do some morning workout there.
  20. Oh, wait…
  21. I have a better idea.
  22. Why not at the beach?
  23. Yeah.. maybe I should do some Pamela Anderson running at the beach.
  24. That would be fun
  25. But, who knows if I’m gonna wake up
  26. Time change and everything
  27. Who am I kiddin’?
  28. I’m on vacation!
  29. Ok, focus.
  30. You need to take a cab.
  31. Cab, cab, cab.
  32. Let’s practise my Spanish lessons.
  33. How do I say “how much to my hotel” in Spanish?
  34. Cuanto mucho to mi hotel? señor?
  35. I wanna…
  36. Be contigo and live contigo, and dance contigo
  37. No, that just sounds wrong.
  38. Mrs. Ortiz would be very disappointed.
  39. Hey! a taxi!
  40. Hola, ¿cuánto a this hotel por favor?
  41. 500 dollars!!!
  42. Ohh, thank God, it is in pesos.
  43. These Mexican bills are so small.
  44. They look like tiny monopoly money.
  45. How cute.
  46. I’m so excited!
  47. Is that a palm tree?
  48. This is definitely paradise!
  49. I feel in a movie already
  50. Look, there’s the beach!
  51. Damn, I forgot my sunscreen.
  52. Ohh hello there Mr. Handsome surfer
  53. I can get used to this.
  54. Ohh, we are here already!
  55. Fancy hotel.
  56. Nice
  57. Muchas gracias for taking my suitcase!
  58. People are so nice here!
  59. Why don’t I live here again?
  60. Swimsuit, swimsuit, I need to put on my swimsuit.
  61. Boots and pants off!
  62. Finally!
  63. The only thing missing is…
  64. *Open the mini-fridge*
  65. Yes!! A Corona!
  66. That’s all I need.
  67. I don’t look so bad in my bikini
  68. Okay beach, get ready for me!
  69. This color is just not real!
  70. It is just like a postcard.
  71. The sand feels funny and nice in my feet!
  72. And the water is so fresh!
  73. I will never leave this place.
  74. Cancún, I love you.
  75. Do I look bad in this swimsuit?