Where are you traveling in 2016?

Keep these travel destinations in sight

Traveling is one of the best investments for many reasons. When traveling, you learn about other cultures, taste new flavors, meet new people and discover there are many ways to see and enjoy life. Therefore, we want to share with you some inspiration for your 2016 travel destination.



1.- Honduras

Maybe you didn’t consider Honduras to be a popular destination to visit so far, but there are several reasons why you should make a space in your travel plans for this Latin American spot. Its tropical beaches are a dream landscape, it has places that are an excellent choice for diving like Utila: its underwater beauty is astoundingly rich and you can dive with whale sharks in summer. Another excellent excuse to visit Honduras is the archeological site of Copan, where you’ll delve into the ancient Mayan civilization: this place is famous for the tunnels that lie beneath it. Once you reach Copan, you must walk through the picturesque town beside it. You’ll feel captivated by its streets and cafes where you can taste the typical food of the region.



2.- Romania

We are sure that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Romania is Dracula’s Castle, and you’re right, it’s a must to go there during your visit. This magical destination has many other stunning views that seem taken from a fairy tale: “The Bigar Waterfall,” “The Swamp Moss” and “The Bucegi Mountains” are some of them. Beautiful landscapes and National Parks are ideal for trekking. It offers very affordable accommodation options which are a big plus. Something that makes Romania an unmissable destination is their culture and history, so don’t hesitate to visit Bucharest and see its churches and museums.




3.- Mexico

Mexico is a large country, it has a great natural and cultural diversity which makes it a very interesting place to vacation. Among the most popular regions are Oaxaca, Baja California, Chiapas, and Monterrey. Two places you can’t miss this year are Yucatan and Quintana Roo: apart from being states where you can see the incredible cenotes and swim in them, you will delight with the wonderful cuisine of the region (one of the most elaborate and traditional throughout the country).



Enjoy your days exploring landmarks of the Mayan Culture in places like Tulum, Coba, Kohunlich, Dzibanché, Muyil, Uxmal, Mayapan, Ek Balam, Dzibilchaltún, and, of course, Chichen Itza. If we add to this the fact that you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches and places where you can do water activities, definitely Southeast Mexico is an excellent option that offers plenty of choices for all travelers.

4.- Cuba

This beautiful country will make you feel that time has stopped and captivate you with its unique beauty. In addition to the spectacular and beautiful beaches in Cuba, you can walk through colonial old cities full of history. There are many places that generate nostalgia when remembered, but if there’s one country that’ll surely make you feel something deep, that’s Cuba. Havana is a city that surprises anyone, it’s been featured in many films and you’ll surely fall in love the moment you arrive.



5.- Fiji

Known as “The Paradise of the Mamanuca Islands”, Fiji is a very recommended destination to visit in 2016, and you won’t regret doing so. Fiji is known for being a quiet place, perfect for getting away from the city and fully relax: beautiful views, friendly people, and delicious food. Often when planning a trip to Fiji, travelers visit two of the main islands in the Mamanuca archipelago: the Malolo Lailai and Malolo and islands. The only thing you should worry when traveling to Fiji is which swimsuit you’ll wear and how many Pina Coladas you’ll drink.



6.- Palau

For those who don’t know, the Palau Islands, are a set of beautiful small islands in the Philippines: a traveler’s paradise characterized by crystal blue waters. There are few places in the world as Palau. If you’re looking to fully change of scenery in 2016, this is the best option. There are over 300 islands in this group, as it’s almost impossible to visit all of them, we recommend Peleliu, Babeldaob, Koror, and Angaur. It would be a mistake not to bring a camera to this destination because it would be hard to witness a scenery like this at any other part of the world.




7.- New Zealand

If you’ve seen the The Lord of the Rings movies, you probably fell in love with New Zealand in seconds. The first thing to do when arriving here is renting a car: driving through the hilly roads of this destination is a pleasure; you’ll be wanting to make a stop every ten minutes to photograph the landscape. The main reason to travel to New Zealand is the variety of experiences you can enjoy. Here you can walk on the slopes of active volcanoes or remote virgin forests, through geysers and hot springs or Kauri forests with the oldest giant trees on earth. 



To which of these destinations are you traveling in 2016? Write a comment.