Are you planning on visiting our park and you have no idea where to start? We will tell you what you can do in Xcaret!🏝️

If you are about to travel to the Mexican Caribbean, you definitely cannot miss the experience of visiting Xcaret. The privileged location of our park allows us to enjoy more than 50 activities in Riviera Maya, which include underground rivers, cenotes, the impressive Caribbean Sea, and a lot of our culture.

If you have already visited Xcaret or have been researching about our park, you most likely already know that on your visit you can dive into our incredible underground rivers, visit our Coral Reef Aquarium, learn more about the Mexican wildlife in our Butterfly Pavilion, and Aviary, and you can even get those goosebumps by attending our “Xcaret México Espectacular” show. However, this is not everything you can do in Xcaret.

Xcaret activities

When visiting our park, besides the most popular attractions, you’ll be able to discover many activities that not everyone knows about, but that you are going to enjoy. If you have no idea where to start enjoying our wonderful theme park, we are going to tell you about 7 activities that Xcaret offers that not everyone knows about, but you definitely cannot miss. 

1. ParaXute Xcaret🪂

If you are a huge fan of adventure and adrenaline, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the experience of ParaXute Xcaret. This attraction will take you on a journey through the skies of Riviera Maya so you can enjoy the colors of our turquoise waters as well as the beautiful landscape of our park. 

This activity is set to last from 8 to 12 minutes, and multiple schedules are offered so that you can choose the one that best fits your itinerary. Our ParaXute experience includes transfer by jet ski to the starting point of the activity, and once started, you can rise 200 meters over the Caribbean Sea. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Besides, Xcaret offers the opportunity to enjoy this activity individually or with a companion. Enjoy a fun ride through the skies of the Riviera Maya and fall in love with Xcaret.

Xcaret activities

Book it on our official website or at our facilities.

2. Interactive Lottery💃

If you love music, dance, and the fun dynamics of Mexican games, make room in your itinerary and visit the Interactive Lottery show. Enjoy this show in which you will have a good time playing the lottery. Alongside our dedicated artistic team, you will be able to see and participate in the representation of this game that, at the same time, will be illustrated with dancing and accompanied by typical Mexican phrases and rhythms.

Be prepared because at any moment you may have to get up from your seat and start playing an entertaining lottery game.

3. Waterslide🏖️

If you’re looking for something to do in Xcaret and you’re specifically searching for an activity without so much adrenaline but fun and with an incredible view, be sure to visit our waterslide.

Very few visitors know of its existence, but to get there, all you have to do is follow the green line until you find yourself at point 32 on the map. Once there, get ready to slide and enjoy one of the park’s natural pools. In addition to being a super fun activity for the whole family, it is a good place to take pictures so make sure you have your camera ready.

Xcaret activities

Are you a fan of waterslides? Visit our blog 5 family-friendly parks with waterslides and discover more activities.

4. Interactive workshops in the Mayan Village🧵

Apart from its aquatic, natural, and adventure attractions, an important pillar of our park is culture. For this reason, there are five activities you can do in Xcaret that you simply cannot miss: our workshops.

With these, you’ll be able to learn how to make maya-style chocolate in the Chocolate and Coffee Workshop, to innovate with the Coconut Workshop, to paint handicrafts with the Ceramics Workshop, to mold your creations in the Clay Workshop, and to weave and use natural pigments with the Wool Workshop.

You’ll find all of these workshops in our Mayan Village, which you can get to by following the white line painted on the park’s floor. These activities last about 45 minutes, and not all of them are included in your park admission but don’t worry, their cost is very affordable.

Make room in your agenda and include these interactive workshops in the list of things you can do with your family, as a couple, with friends, or on a solo adventure.

5. Natural Museum of Orchids and Bromeliads💐

If you want to connect with nature and learn more about the species we keep in our park, make sure to visit the Living Museum of Orchids and Bromeliads. In this activity offered by Xcaret, you can observe the cultivation of regional orchids, some of which are in danger of extinction.

This is an ideal activity for the whole family. You can access the museum from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to witness the multiple colors of orchids, the interesting appearance of bromeliads, and the fusion of aromas that invites you to learn more about these species.

If you visit the museum, make sure to take a look at the Xcaret Orchid In Vitro Culture Laboratory where, through the windows, you’ll be able to see how our team is responsible for cultivating and propagating various species of orchids and other species of fauna.

6. Wine Pairing at Xcaret Wine Cellar🍷

If you want to rest from a busy day while still enjoying the activities that Xcaret offers, and you are also looking to do something that will delight your palate, make sure to book the Wine Pairing at Xcaret Wine Cellar.

In this activity, you will take a guided tour below the Main Square of our park to the stone chambers of the Xcaret Wine Cellar.

More than 180 Mexican wines are sheltered here. In this activity, besides learning about the history of wine in Mexico, you will have the opportunity to taste and participate in the art of pairing by the hand of our sommelier with special dishes that the chef will prepare.

By booking this activity, you’ll enjoy a five-course tasting, as well as two varieties of white wine, two red wines, and a delicious dessert wine.

The Wine Pairing at Xcaret Wine Cellar activity is only available for groups of more than 10 people and special events with prior reservation. This activity lasts approximately 55 minutes and to enjoy it you must book your place when you arrive at the park and choose the available time of your preference. For more information and reservations, you can send an email to or call 998 883 3143.

7. Paradise River🛶

Do you want to explore our rivers without getting your clothes wet? Enjoy this activity offered by Xcaret in which you will embark on a raft ride along the Paradise River. Whether you’re in La Flaquita, La Adelita, or La Folclórica, one of our guides will guide the tour with interesting facts about our Mexican flora, fauna, and culture.

This tour is perfect for families, and you can find it available every day from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It is an ideal activity to relax in the Riviera Maya, where apart from learning about the ecosystem, you’ll see blue crabs, iguanas, peccaries, and our iconic scarlet macaws.

There’s no doubt that Xcaret has an infinite number of incredible activities that can turn your experience in this park into something unforgettable. Make sure to plan your day very well so you can enjoy it to the fullest and don’t forget to include in your schedule these activities that you can’t miss on your visit to Riviera Maya. 

What other activities do you think you can’t miss while visiting Xcaret?🤩

Xcaret activities