Things We Say In Mexico

and what they really mean

If you have ever visited Mexico or have a Mexican friend, you may have noticed that we have a very peculiar way of speaking. We have hundreds of expressions and sayings that we use in all kinds of situations. That’s why we ask you that if you ever hear one of these phrases from us, don’t believe them.

1.- “Ahorita (rightnow)” 

The word “ahorita” (translation for “right now”) can mean many things for us, it can be something we are going do in a few hours, tomorrow or even in a week. Next time you hear us say the word “ahorita,” you can be sure it won’t be in the next few minutes and that you might have to wait for a while.

2.- “It’s not spicy.”

We born with a high level of spicy tolerance is in our genes. Please never believe us if we say something “pica poquito” because it definitely will “picar mucho.” Before you ask us if something is spicy or not, we suggest you try a little bit with your finger and decide it for yourself.

3.- “I’ll let you know.”

If a Mexican tells you he will —let you know— about something, it is because he doesn’t have the intention of letting you know. We usually say “yo te aviso” when we run into someone we haven’t seen in a while, and that person wants to hang out soon:

—Hey! Long time no see, when can we go for a drink?

—Sure I’d love to, yo te aviso. (No, he’s not going to avisar) 

4.- “It’s very close.”

When you ask for directions in Mexico, make sure you don’t believe us when we say “está cerquita.” Very close can be five blocks or just around the corner. Our sense of distance can change in every city, especially when you are visiting a big place like Mexico City.

5.- “One last drink and we’ll go.”

This one is a fiesta classic. The original intention of this phrase is actually going home after drinking that last chela, but we all know what this really means: staying until the last person of the party is gone.

6.- “Goodbye, I’m leaving.”

Who doesn’t hate goodbyes? Well, we really do, especially when we are at a party and we have to leave early. Get ready to watch the longest goodbyes when a Mexican is leaving from somewhere.

How many of these things have you heard before? Share your thoughts in a comment below! 

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