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The Mexican Caribbean is famous for being the place chosen by thousands of visitors to enjoy their vacations. Here, travelers can find beaches, water parks, nightlife and above all nature. Every place of Quintana Roo is an adventure to live so we will show you all the islands that you can visit while you are here.

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Isla Mujeres

Did you know that this beautiful place of Quintana Roo is a new Pueblo Magico of Mexico? Besides being one of the most famous islands in the state, Isla Mujeres offers multiple experiences such as a museum under the sea, incredible cliffs, crystal clear beaches and two of the best places to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets in Mexico; Punta Sur and Playa Norte.

Isla Contoy

Located about 15 miles from Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy is a protected natural area since 1961 and due to this, tourist visits are restricted to a few per day. Its extension barely exceeds  6 miles in length and it’s home to more than 150 species of birds. In Isla Contoy spawn three species of turtles during the summer: the hawksbill, the white and the loggerhead. Its mangroves cover 70% of the island, converting it the most surprising places of Quintana Roo.

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Isla Cozumel

This beautiful island is one of the largest in Mexico and it’s located 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen. It is famous for its beautiful reefs. Here you can visit places like El Cielo, where travelers can snorkel to discover the seabed inhabited by hundreds of starfish. Every year, you can enjoy one of the oldest carnivals in Mexico: La Fiesta del Cedral, celebrated for the first time in 1874.

Quintana Roo
Photo: Thayana Almeida

Isla Holbox

Considered the paradise of Mexico, Isla Holbox hides amazing adventures for all its visitors. Here, you can admire the famous bioluminescence on the beach as well as the sighting of flamingos and the whale shark that occur every year. Here, you can forget for a moment about everything, since its beautiful beaches and sandy streets invite you to leave your routine at home and enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere. By the way, do not forget to try the traditional dish of the island: Lobster Pizza!

Isla Banco Chinchorro

Are you ready to discover the treasure of Quintana Roo? Banco Chinchorro is a coral island, the largest in Mexico with more than 25 miles long and 10 miles wide. Immerse yourself in its waters to discover an oceanic world as vast as magical. Here, the reef provides a home for thousands of fish and reptiles that are the inhabitants of this paradise. Among its waters lies a boat cemetery, which attracts hundreds of experienced divers every year. The only way to get there is through tours that depart from Mahahual.

Isla de Cancun

Did you know that Cancun is an island? It is linked to the continental zone of Mexico through two bridges installed more than 40 years ago. At the beginning of its history, this beautiful tourist pole was a strip of white sand and palm trees in the northern area of Quintana Roo. What can we say about Cancun that you still do not know? Its beaches, nightlife, culture, and lifestyle attract thousands of visitors every year.

Quintana Roo

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Are you ready to put any of these islands on your travel list? We hope this blog post will help you plan your next adventure in the Mexican Caribbean.

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