Selfies are out

A photograph is life’s pause button

As good travel experts we have seen so many kind of pictures, like selfies, group selfies,  and other kinds of selfies, so this time we decided to make a list of tips that will help you have a different and creative type of photos in your next vacations.

1. Avoid using flash

Use the natural lighting and capture the true colors of the landscape, there is no need in using flash when you have sunlight.


2.  Share the camera with others! 

We know there is always a photographer in every family, but don’t be selfish, share your camera with everyone, you’ll see magnificent results through the eyes of others.


3. Capture the faces. 

Catch spontaneous and expressive faces, try not to pose so much, and just get people in their natural environment.


4.  Don’t be lazy and move like crazy. 

Try to shot different photos from all types of angles, instead of moving the camera, move yourself, we promise you will love the results.


5.  Forget the cliché, stay creative.

And finally, don’t be afraid of making funny faces or poses, in moving the camera in all kind of ways, just break the rules.