Foster the children’s creativity

with these simple tips!

We all are capable of creating new and amazing things or ways to resolve any kind of problems and, guess what? That’s what creativity is.So, everyone is creative but creativity needs to be fostered and exercised.

Creativity is not only in art or science, but we also have to use it day by day to solve common problems. That’s why it is important to foster the children’s creativity, so they learn how to look at different solutions and possibilities to the same conflict and teach them how to think outside of the box.

1.- Propose is better than impose

When you talk with a kid or make a plan with him, is essential to ask him what to do and propose fresh ideas. If you only impose him what to do, he’ll not be able to tink in other options or discover new things to do.

Allow him to play, invent, imagine and everything he wants. Children’s creativity will foster if he has a lot of options.

children's creativity

2.- Playing is the best for children’s creativity

When they play, they are free to create and imagine new worlds and endless games to develop incredible adventures. If you share these games with them, you’ll help to foster their capacity to generate and feed their hunger for new experiences that will show them the incredible place that the world we live in, is.

children's creativity

3.- Visit new places

It’s essential for every child to get out of its comfort zone and learn how to solve problems and think outside of the box. Visit new and unusual places with them their creativity will foster to new levels.

4.- Dress up

Few things help children foster their creativity like dressing up the way they want. I’m not talking about dressing like a famous character, I’m talking about letting them choose their clothes and helping them create new and different outfits.

5.- Artistic education

There’s nothing like arts to foster the children’s creativity. Music, dance, theatre or whatever, art is like magic working with creativity, it teaches them discipline, and open their senses to new ways to express themselves.

As you may know, children’s creativity is a fundamental part of their life. It helps them have more fun and choose the right desitions when they become adults. Help them to innovate and create new things.

Do you know other ways to open children’s creativity? Write it in the comments.