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The Mayans got ahead our time

As we all know one of the biggest and more important pre hispanic cultures in Mexico were the Mayans: a very advanced civilization with amazing mathematicians, astronomers, doctors, farmers and dealers. With all the knowledge they left us we can list 5 facts that became from this culture. Let’s check them out.

1.- Mayan ball game: Pok ta Pok

This is more than a simple game or competition to them, it is a holy ritual considered as the first ball game of the human history. In this ritual mortals challenge the gods of darkness and defeat the death.

5 Things originated in the Maya Culture

Learn more about the game: Juego de pelota for beginners: Mayan ballgame

2.- Number Zero

The Mayans were amazing mathematicians, they were able to estimate different kind of events with previous calculations and records. Mayan mathematicians did very important contributions to modern science, one of them the creation of zero as a digit number, essential for the actual numeral system.


3.- Chocolate

Cacao term comes from Mayan word Ka´kau´. Also the word Chocol’ha and the verb chocola’l are mayan, and they mean “drink chocolate together”. Mayans were the first civilization to discover the benefits of cacao seeds. Furthermore, they even used these seeds as an important exchange currency. According to Mayan mythology, God Hanahpú gave cacao to the Mayans after the grandmother Ixmucané created mankind from corn.

5 Things originated in the Maya Culture

4.- Calendar

Mayans were a unique culture in Mesoamerica with one of the most accurate calendars, even more than the Gregorian one. Besides the astronomic calendar with 365 days per year, called Haab, they used a holy year with 260 days called Tzolkin, this calendar was according to the lineage of royal families and the farm activities.


5.- Gum

Mayans started the chicozapote tree sap harvest. They made zig-zag cuts in the crust of the tree: through those cuts the sap dripped down directly to a container at the bottom of the tree. After a drying process, it turned into a sort of chewable gum that they used to call sicte (means blood or vital fluid). Mayans used this gum to clean their teeth and mouth and to avoid feeling hungry during rituals. It was also used to trade with other villages.

5 Things originated in the Mayans Culture

What do you think about these facts? Do you know any other things that originated from the Mayan culture? Share with us.