Welcome spring with positive energy

Spring is a time of renewal of nature

Spring is the first season of the year. With it comes the beginning of the cycle of changes on the planet. Its period covers the dates from the 20th to the 21st of March in the northern hemisphere, and in the southern hemisphere begins on the 20th to the 21st of September. 

We call this the “spring equinox”, which is when the Sun reaches its highest point and with this event flowers grow, the weather becomes warmer, animals come out of hibernation, it’s the full rebirth of nature. 

That is why I would like to share with you some activities that we have entitled “spring rituals” so that we can start off with positive energy.

1. Harmony ritual

The first ritual consists of something simple. Remember that for something to grow the right way, you must have a clean, healthy place in the right conditions, so we will start with cleaning. 

spring- harmony ritual

This ritual has been performed since ancient times, the Iranian people had the custom of doing the khooneh takouni, which means “shaking the house” days before the spring festival called Norouz. This tradition dates back to 3,000 BC. Although experts have discovered that in other regions such as Israel, Scotland and Ireland, cleaning ceremonies were also performed. The purpose of which was to ward off the evil spirits left by the winter, due to the dust, cold and darkness characteristic of that season.

Start by sweeping all the furniture, clothes and ornaments in the house. Shift things around so that the air, sun and energy improve the place where you live as well as your activities. 

If you are someone who has natural stones at home you should know that this is the right day to put them in the Sun with a little bit of water to purify the negative energies.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make decorations, changes and give life back to your home. Remember that this is the place where we spend most of our time, giving it a pinch of love is necessary.

2. Ritual for prosperity  

The second ritual comes with a bit of life. What better for prosperity than plants? They can completely change our surroundings and even our mood. Plants have always been linked with ceremonies and rituals in mankind’s history in different parts of the world.

springs- ritual for prosperity

Choose a plant at your local nursery, welcome it into your home. Make sure you like its size, appearance and colour. Do some research on how to care for it, choose a pot that encourages you to have it at home or in your garden. Find out if the conditions are right for it to grow in and clean the plant on the day of the equinox. I promise you that having a potted plant will help you to appreciate other life forms and bring you prosperity.

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Eliminating all negativity is crucial in the spring, so you can also light a white candle while thinking about what you want to change or improve is a simple but effective idea. Sometimes we just need to visualize our goals and dreams.

3. Ritual for purity

No matter what your faith, religion or place of origin is, meditation, fasting or simply taking time to sit and give thanks is magical. Many people choose to do it more often on this day because of the charge of energy that the Sun gives us. During the month of March, the Maya celebrated flowers dedicated to the goddess Coatlicue. In her name, they did meditations, choirs, parties, rituals and dances. 

spring-ritual for purity

You can take a bath after this meditation that will make you cleanse everything that the cleaning of your home left behind. Don’t forget that you can add medicinal herbs, bubbles, and lotion to your bath or light incense that adds scents to make aromatherapy that will relax your whole body. Enjoy your bath as everything bad leaves your body. 

Choose this day to wear white. Many people in Latin America wear white during the spring season which symbolizes harmony, hope and purity.

4. Ritual of happiness 

All the small and big things, and even the negative moments serve us to value the happy details of life. Without them, we could not have love, kindness and affection. Sometimes we forget our value in the world, what we represent as symbols of life and love.

spring- ritual of happiness

That is why in this fourth spring ritual I invite you to enjoy what you like to do. Painting, singing, dancing, reading, playing, running. Something you love but hasn’t done for a long time, it is always nice to remember. 

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When we are children we do everything with illusion and eyes of amazement. As we grow up, we lose those qualities that make us dreamers, adventurers and passionate. Go for a walk and enjoy something you love to eat but have given up because of your diet or because you just haven’t had the time to enjoy it.

Breathe, let the air into your lungs and let the feeling of being alive invade you.

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5. Bless the future 

The last ritual has to do with the possibilities you have, your desires and hopes for this new stage in your life. Take a piece of paper, a pen and decorate your list with your dreams, goals and objectives. Don’t be too specific, just add something simple that will allow you to remember it with hope but let you take advantage of the opportunities in your life. Let life surprise you!

spring- bless the future

You can have a lucky charm. The Babylonians and Egyptians used amulets to ward off evil spirits and neutralise envy. In China they use jade to attract love. What about México? Many people here use amber to eliminate bad energies. 

Choose quartz according to your purpose (don’t forget to research what each one is for). During the day of the equinox, put the stone in the sun for 6 hours until sunset, this way it will be charged with the Sun. You can use it in your wallet, in a necklace or in a bracelet. 

4 curious facts about spring

Spring has always been of interest to mankind since its existence. The changes have raised many questions. Ancient civilisations tried to understand the unexplainable events. That is why I will tell you 4 curious facts about spring that you may not have known about our ancestors.

1. Did you know? The Egyptian civilisation built the sphinx so that it was aligned during the spring equinox.

2. The Maya performed rituals during the equinox to worship their god Kukulkan and it was also the most important time for harvesting corn.

3. Many pagan people celebrated Ostara, which was a Celtic festival for the goddesses of fertility and the Sun.

4. The Greeks had a legend that spring was the arrival of Persephone with her mother, the goddess of agriculture and fertility Demeter. As Persephone had to live in the underworld with the god Hades, during this period there was no harvest, but when she returned everything came back to life. 

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What are your rituals for spring? 

Enjoy the spring