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Lower your window down and smell the air of adventure run through your body. That’s how all road trips in Riviera Maya feel, where the routes are as fantastic as the destinations themselves. Nowadays, we’re surrounded by incredible stories of travelers and globetrotters that fill us with an urge to drop our daily routine and follow their steps. Anyhow, we don’t always know how to do so. So, before you quit your job and take the first plane to the other side of the world, why not try to follow these steps towards discovering the best of this destination? Check out these 5 road trips in Riviera Maya!

1. Dive into holy waters at the “Ruta de Los Cenotes.”

roadtrips in riviera maya

Quintana Roo is home to over 2,500 sinkholes, otherwise known as “Cenotes.” These natural formations may be sky open, semi-open, or in caverns. They are all connected through a system of underground rivers forming natural pools of crystalline water and astonishing beauty that was an inspiration for cult and adoration by the ancient Mayans. “La Ruta de Los Cenotes” (Cenote Route) is a short road a few miles from Puerto Morelos in route to Leona Vicario. The way is a straight line of almost 25 miles that, apparently, are entirely surrounded by a dense jungle. However, you’ll notice hundreds of small entrances (mostly dirt roads) that are the path to countless Cenotes. Unlike many beaches around the area, Cenotes keep an almost whole state, and their infrastructure is not more than a couple of rustic bathrooms and dinners. This gives us an incredible Roadtrip destination. (Among the most famous Cenotes, you may find: Boca del Puma, Kin Ha, Verde Lucero, and Siete Bocas)

2. Discover the Mayan Culture and relax in the beaches of Tulum.

roadtrips in riviera maya

Probably one of the most resounding destinations in the Riviera Maya over the last few years has been Tulum. This Boutique Hotel and organic restaurant paradise has reasonably attracted tourist from all around the globe. However, this is not a new thing. Tulum is also one of the most important archaeological sites of the millenary Mayan Culture. This walled city is filled with ancient relics that give us a taste of the greatness of this culture, finishing the tour at “El Castillo.” This temple is proof of the genius and great taste of the Mayans, as it is a synonym of architectonic perfection and an ocean view that could very well be the envy of any hotel company. After walking around the ancient city, you may immerse in the turquoise beaches and enjoy of their great gastronomical experiences.

3. Go up the highest Mayan Pyramid in Cobá


The great Pyramids undoubtedly cause awe among those who appreciate them. However, it’s hard to resist the urge to go up their stairs and observe the views from their heights. There are very few places where this is still possible, luckily, Cobá (which is home to the tallest Pyramid in the Yucatán Peninsula) still allows this. Located around 25 miles northwest of Tulum, lies this archaeological site that was once home to over 50,000 people! Climb up over 130 feet of stairs in the Nohoch Mul Pyramid and enjoy the view of the verdant jungle and ancient city at your feet. Without a doubt, an experience you must live before they forbid this option (let’s hope it’s not soon…).

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4. A slice of paradise in Akumal

roadtrips in riviera maya

Some places make us fall in love in such a unique way that we even feel a sort of jealousy towards them. That is why Akumal has remained a secret for so long. However, it would be a crime to keep this paradise away from fellow travelers, so we decided to share it with you with the sole condition of keeping this place safe and protected, so its beauty remains untouched for further generations of adventurers. Located around 25 miles from Playa del Carmen, Akumal is a small slice of paradise where the turquoise water, wave by wave, blends into the sky. With indescribable beauty in its beaches, cenotes, and turtle sanctuary, this destinations must be in your travel list!

5. Go shopping in Playa del Carmen

roadtrips in riviera maya

Playa del Carmen is one of the cities where everything seems to go at a slower pace. The laid back environment, relaxed vibe, and constant sea breeze make up for the surrounding of peace and tranquility. Every day tastes like the weekend in Playa. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be away from the luxury and glamour of the best brands, designers, and boutiques in the world. All these also wanted to be a part of this attractive city, and have established in spectacular shopping malls that blend the natural beauty of Playa del Carmen with the luxury of the brands you’ll find. If you’re looking for a change in your routine and rewarding yourself with some nice gifts, Playa del Carmen is a great option for you!

Few experiences allow us to discover so much of the world and ourselves as hitting the road into the wild and unknown. Either alone or with your favorite company, choose your destination, set your playlist and start enjoying these road trips in Riviera Maya of your life! The best way to disconnect from your daily routine and explore the beauty that surrounds us, even when we don’t realize it!