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Fewer gifts, more traveling

It’s almost Christmas, and that means it’s that time of the year when we get ready to set to the malls and start buying everybody’s presents. But before you grab your credit card and start panicking,  we would like to share an idea with you, this year instead of buying everybody you know a sweater he or she may never wear, how about planning a vacation with your family? Think about it, it is a great option and a good excuse to change your plans for this Holidays.


Here we share with you five reasons why travelling is better than buying gifts:

1.-You don’t have to worry whether the sweater is going to fit them or if they even like it.



2.-It’s a great time to spend time with your family and your loved ones.


3.-It is always great to discover new places where you have never been to before.


5.-You will get the chance to experience some things for the first time, what could be more exciting than that?


6.-And last but not least, you will have many wonderful stories and good memories from this trip.


After these reasons, do you need any other excuse to start packing your bags and planning?

Where would you like to travel with your family?