Must-have items for your next trip

Things every traveler wishes they owned

Getting a cute sweater from your grandma is a great gift, but that doesn’t make it useful for your next trip, and somehow the rest of our friends and family think we have seen it all in our trips and don’t need anything (which we know is not true). That’s why we decided to make a quick list of some very cool gifts to make their life easier

1.- Portable battery charger

There is nothing worse than running out of battery while traveling: not taking that perfect photo because your phone or camera battery just died. That’s why we love portable battery chargers: they are really easy to use, affordable and we can find them in almost every electronic store!


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2.- Ultra compact microfiber towel 

Carrying a towel while traveling is a bit uncomfortable: too big to fit in our luggage (specially if we are planning on traveling lightweight or on a road trip). The best choice for us who love outdoor adventures is a quick drying microfiber towel: compact, lightweight and easy to carry. Commonly used by swimmers and athletes but, who says that we can’t use it too?

3.- A warrior backpack 

One of the most important things we have to keep in mind when choosing a travel backpack is verifying if it has the necessary complements to pack easy and quick. We’ll be carrying our life in our backpack, so we’d better make sure is comfortable enough for our shoulders!

Tip: security is vital, look for a bag with a padlock to ensure all your things are safe while checking in at an


4.-Portable Electronic Scale

We would love one of this for Christmas, since we tend to fill our suitcase with tons of souvenirs and sometimes end up paying overweight bag charges. Not only it would save us money, but time too. It’s size makes it convenient and easy to carry, no doubt it is a very useful invention that we should all have when traveling.

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5.- Travel-sized games

Is not always rainbows and stars when traveling. There’s a lot of waiting at airports and train or subway stations. What a better way to kill time than with a fun game? There are lots of options, from card games to a mini fishing game.


Extra gift: Travel iron 

When it comes to business travel, the presentation is the most important thing. If you don’t like walking around with wrinkled pants, we recommend you this portable iron. It will get you out of any trouble: the last thing we want to worry about while traveling is taking our clothes to the cleaners. Mini portable iron? The perfect gift.


Share this list with your family and friends to give them ideas for this Christmas! Who knows? Maybe you might get them all for this year.

Which of these gifts would you like to get?