Pay attention to every detail

and let us love you as we Mexicans do.

Compadre, comadre! It’s well known that us Mexicans love to receive international visitors in our country and make them feel like they are home. We really like to be hosts, but have you ever questioned how do we show our love in a very Mexican way? Keep reading to learn how Mexicans say “I love you.”

The easiest way is just saying it, but for us, that’s not enough, we love to make special things for you and prove it in different ways. Sometimes you won’t even notice them, but for us is a way to include you as one of us.

Here I will show you 5 Mexican ways to say I love you, pay attention and enjoy our hospitality, we really enjoy having visitors!

1.- Taking you to eat your favorite Mexican food

Zach Copley

Do you like tacos, enchiladas, or any other Mexican dish? Well, if you said it to a Mexican,, be ready to eat your favorite meal every time you visit our country. That’s a perfect way for us to say that we care about you. We love our food and we really appreciate it when international people appreciate it too!

2.- Cooking for you

Rosa Mexicano

As I said before, we love our food, but we also love cooking something special for our beloved ones! When a Mexican invites you to eat at home, accept, and wait for a lovely meal with his family.

3.- Flowers


It’s very common for us to give flowers to our girlfriend, wife or mother, and it can be for special occasions, or it can be just because we feel like it. So, if a Mexican gives you flowers, accept them! It’s one of our many ways to say I love you.

4.- Mariachis

Kevin Lavorgna

Pop culture has taken Mariachi music as a Mexican stereotype, and we really love this music. We use it when we give you a serenata, which is when we take  Mariachis to your home and sing lovely songs with them. It can be for a birthday celebration or to ask you if you want to be our girlfriend.

5.- Visit new places with you


We Mexicans really love our country, and we like to take foreign guys to non-touristic places where they can live unique experiences. We can give you a tour of our city or take you to our favorite beach, or any other place that we know you’ll love.

And a bonus:

6.- Drinking shots with you

Of course, you’ve heard about mezcal and tequila, well, those are almost holy beverages for us! Another way of saying “I love you,” is drinking shots and partying all night long. We really love partying with our friends, and if you are one of them, for sure, you’ll get one or more tequila shots.

We have a lot of incredible ways to demonstrate our love, we love to be hosts and leave a good impression in our visitors so if you’re planning a visit to Mexico, get ready to receive some of these love manifestations.

Do you know another Mexican way to say I love you? Write it in the comments!