When you want to party

Mexico is your best option!

As you may know, we Mexicans love to have fun with our friends and families; we can make an excellent party almost everywhere, I mean, we even celebrate death in November, what does that tell you? In Mexico, you’ll find the best parties in the world, but it is not all about drinking and dancing, we love our traditions and culture, so we preserve it with these fantastic Mexican traditions.

Of course, dancing and enjoying the moment is an essential part of our parties, but we also like to have more meaningful celebrations with strong cultural roots. I’m sure that you’ll want to visit more than one of these amazing Mexican traditions.

1.- Guelaguetza

Date: two Mondays after July 16th

Where: Oaxaca, Mexican southwest

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Guelaguetza was created a long time ago when little communities of Oaxaca needed to change products among them. Over the years this celebration evolved and turned into an exchange of culture with music, dance and, theatre that becomes the streets of Oaxaca into a cultural place where you can find a mix of Mexican traditions.

This is one of the most famous Mexican traditions in the world when you visit it; you’ll be able to watch incredible dances, fantastic colors, and a show of Mexican people, happy to receive you and share with you food, music, and all of our culture. Also, you’ll be able to see a little show of this amazing tradition as part of Xcaret México Espectacular, the night show at Xcaret Park.

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2.- Day of the Death

Date: November 1st and 2nd

Where: Mexico

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Compadre, the Day of the Death is so beautiful; you have to visit Mexico in November if you want to understand why we celebrate death. Across the whole Mexican territory, you’ll be able to see the different cultural shows about death and this tradition, but the central theme of the Day of the Death is to remember and preserve the memory of our beloved ones.

You can see and understand a little bit more of this incredible Mexican Tradition thanks movies like Coco or The Tree of Life. But believe me, visiting a cemetery and seeing the altars with your own eyes is nothing compared to watching those movies.

I know this can sound a bit scary, but this is a happy party, full with love and stories of those about our beloved ones who aren’t with us anymore. If you want to live this experience, try the tasty food and see the cultural show offs that this tradition has to offer, you can visit the Festival de Vida y Muerte of Xcaret Park, you won’t regret it.

3.- San Marcos Fair

Date: April – May

Where: Aguascalientes

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This is the Mexican Traditions queen. The real Mexican party is just about to start. The San Marcos Fair is 190 years old, and the magic of this tradition is that it has a bit of everything. Food, music, dance, beer, absolutely everything you could imagine, San Marcos Fair has it, let me explain myself.

This fair was created as an opportunity for the farmers to exchange some products and trade them with each other, but with the years it evolved and included entertainment of all kinds like concerts, dances, plays, sports, and a lot more.

Here you can try Mexican food meanwhile you watch a Horse Show show and listen to some mariachi music, all at the same time. In 2017, Aguascalientes Government counted 7,7 million of people at this fair, will you be one of the next year?

4.- Veracruz’s Carnival

Date: February – March

Where: Veracruz

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Just like every other carnival around the world, this one exists for religious reasons, but let’s not talk about that. This Mexican Tradition lives for you to come and have a great time and it will do everything to make it possible, and the first thing that this carnival do is the “burn off the bad mood,” so prepare to have fun and be very, very happy.

During the nine days of this Carnival known as the “happiest in the world,” you can party all over the Veracruz’s pier where you’ll find masks parties, colorful parades and, music to dance. Will you say “no” to this amazing Mexican Tradition?


5.- Mexican Independence Day

Date: September 16nd

Where: Mexico 


This is the mother of all Mexican Traditions. Mexico achieved its independence from Spain in 1821, and it’s our most important tradition. If you want a complete experience of Mexican culture and traditions, you have to visit our country on this date. Every corner of Mexico is full of tasty food and incredible music.

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Well, compadre, as you can see, we Mexicans are experts on celebrations, make a list of every tradition you want to live and come to Mexico, we’ll gladly receive you and treat you as one of us.

Which tradition have you lived? Write it in the comments below!