Delicious Cocktails Made With Beer 

Quick and easy beer drink recipes 

For a hot day or just a gathering with your friends, learn how to prepare these 5 awesome drinks and discover another side of drinking beer.

1. Cheladita

We’ll start with an easy one to warm up, you just need a cold beer, two sangrita shots, and a slice of lime. Pour the beer into a glass, then add the sangrita, and finally squeeze the lime into the glass to get a rica Cheladita.

2. Beergarita-Rita 

The best of two worlds, Margarita meets beer. First of all, prepare the classic Margarita: Tequila (any of your choice), lime juice, orange liqueur, ice and blend on until the ice is frozen, add the beer on top and drink!

Via: Jerry James Stone

3. Green beer

One fancy and easy option to impress your guests, just pour a lighter beer into a glass, add two drops of blue curacao and ta da! You got a great looking drink for posting on Instagram. 

Via: WikiHow

4. Macho-Submarine 

Let’s test your bartender skills; pour tequila into a shot glass, take a normal glass and put it upside down on the shot-glass, (The tequila must be trapped inside it), finally pour beer into the glass and Voila! All aboard. 

Via: Michael Cheang

5. Michelada 

And finally, a Mexican classic, you’ll need a cold beer, coarse salt (for the rim), 1/4 cup fresh lime juice, 1-2 dashes of hot chile sauce (such as Tabasco), 1-2 dashes of soy sauce and 1-2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Wet the edge of the glass with the lime juice, then put the salt on a plate and dip it into it, then add all the ingredients into the glass, mix slowly with a spoon and finally pour the beer in the glass and enjoy!


Show us how you did! Share in a comment which one was your favorite!