The guide of the happy traveler

A map to the adventure

At last! You are about to discover a Natural Wonder in Riviera Maya. Here you will experience an adventure that will make you explore the jungle and swim through amazing rivers into a large natural aquarium surrounded by lush vegetation and inhabited by tropical fishes. It sounds incredible, right? What would you say if we told you that you will also be able to find love?, that’s right, it will be a perfect adventure.

No matter if you come alone or accompanied, love is for all and here we will tell you where to find it.  

1.- Restaurants

Choose one of the restaurants and wait for a seat to start your quest. Once you are at your table, go to the buffet, grab a plate and enjoy all the flavors, colors and smells in front of you. It is very important not to forget dessert because love could be hiding between a chocolate and cake.

Repeat these steps as many time as you want, this is how you will find love through the delicious Caribbean Food.


GIF de Ivan_Mezeta


Take a break and prepare to enjoy one of the most beautiful things of Xel-Há. And with your fins and snorkel ready, go to the entrance of the rivers. Admire the beauty of the mangrove and crystalline water. Jump to start your adventure! as you swim you can find tropical fishes and discover a world of adventure  including cliffs to jump from, zip lines and ropes that will make you live the excitement of this trip.


There is no limit for fun so continue until you feel you’ve found your favorite place. This is how you discover the love for adventure.


It’s time to relax and walk through this paradise. Begin your journey through the jungle trails, discover places like the Bay of Caprices or Playa Escondida. Stop! Close your eyes and breathe, stay silent for a moment and let the sounds of nature reach your ears, can you hear it? That is the sea. Keep walking and you will find Cenote Paraíso, which is part of the beauty of Xel-Ha. In this adventure there is no path to follow and your guides will be the small inhabitants of the Natural Wonder.


If at this point you feel lucky for this experience, it is a clear sign that you’ve found the love of nature.

4.- The Beach 

It’s time to move your feet and feel the sand on your toes. Let your eyes discover the vastness of the sea in Xel-Há. Smell the unmistakable scent of the sea while you close your eyes and smile beneath the sun’s rays, that feeling is one of the best that you will experience during your trip.

Decide where to enjoy this experience, you can be on a cot or just be sitting on the beach near the lighthouse. This love for the Caribbean sea is something that you won’t forget.

Riviera Maya- México-Xelha

That’s right, as you can see love has many forms depending on each of us. We assure you no matter where you travel to, love will find you.

Tell us, Where did you find love?