Take advantage of this obligatory stop

Welcome to Xcaret’s Main Plaza!

Xcaret’s Main Plaza is one of the most important areas in the Park, and many of the visitors usually pass by without knowing everything they are missing. Continue reading to know everything you can do here and get the most out of your next visit. Don’t forget to take extra cash with you, since there are many temptations you will not want to miss.


1.- Listen to the music of the wind

One of the first obligatory stops in the Park. Take a few minutes to enjoy the melodious harp of one of the talented musicians of Xcaret, Guadalupe Reyes. You can also take home his album record, which will take you on a tour through Latin America with melodies that evoke the wind and the rain.


2.- Explore a Mine 

Go down to this place and learn some interesting facts while you play: if you answer correctly, you can keep moving forward. Otherwise, you will run into a wall and so on until you find the right path. Ideal for all the family, it should not take more than 10 or 15 minutes.



3.- Have breakfast in “La Orquídea” Coffee Shop

Inside Xcaret’s Main Plaza is one of the many restaurants in the Park. Here the specialty is buffet breakfasts, but you can also enjoy an exquisite Mexican a la carte menu during the day. Between 8:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m you can find the buffet breakfast, from 12:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. Mexican cuisine, and from 9:00 p.m snacks, drinks, and coffee. Don’t forget to try the freshly baked bread; it’s a delight!



4.- Book your optional activities

If you are planning on doing any of Xcaret’s optional activities like Sea Trek®, the Snorkel Tour, or Swimming with sharks, it is very important that you book them as soon as you get to the Park at the box office of the Main Plaza. Here you can choose from all the activities and schedule the hours that better suit your itinerary.


5.- Shop for Mexican handcrafts 

One of the main attractions you’ll find here is the Mexican craft shop. It’s like traveling around Mexico through its art; you will find pieces brought from many regions of the country. Take your time and get the chance to buy your souvenirs and gifts for friends and family.



6.- Buy a traditional Yucatecan hammock

If you must buy something for your visit to Mexico, it’s a hammock. Choose between several Yucatecan conventional designs and colors, all handmade. Perfect for decoring that space of recreation in your house, where you can lie down and remember the most memorable times of your vacation.


7.- Leave your shopping in the Parcels

If you bought souvenirs or Mexican handicrafts and didn’t want to carry them during your day in Xcaret, you can leave them in the parcel at no cost! It’s very close to the box office where you book optional activities. Remember that the only things that are not kept here are secrets.


8.-Buy products for your day at the Park

If you forgot something in your hotel or at home, in Xcaret’s Main Plaza, you could buy bathing suits, sandals, t-shirts, water shoes, caps, waterproof phone cases, biodegradable sunscreen, among many other things. There is also a vast collection of stuffed animals with shapes of animals from the region you will love.



9.- Buy your photo package 

Do you want to have the best memories of your visit without having to carry a camera? We suggest you purchase your photo package in advance. If you didn’t do it online, you could buy it at the photo booth in the Main Plaza. Just show up, scan your bracelet and pick up your download code with all your photos. If you’d rather have a more tangible memory of your visit, you also have the chance of purchasing them printed.



10.- Watch a movie

That’s right, there’s a small theater where you can chill out and watch movies. If you want to take a break after a long walk or you just want to enjoy Mexican golden age cinematography starring legendary actors as Cantiflas or Jorge Negrete, this is a good choice.



11.- Buy books 

One of Xcaret’s best-kept secrets is this bookstore. Here you can buy books of Mexican culture, literature, dictionaries, among many others. Do you want to learn a little more about the Mayas? Here you will surely find several titles with the information you are looking for.


12.- Visit an Underground cellar

Here you can get to know more than 400 years of wine history in Mexico. Xcaret’s underground wine cellar conserves more than 180 Mexican wine labels. Stairs to go down are located between the library and the movie theater. If you are traveling with more than 10 people, you can enjoy for an additional cost a wine tasting with some of the fanciest labels of national wine, and a pairing of the selected food. Remember to previously book writing to grupos@experienciasxcaret.com.mx or calling to 1-855-326-0682.

13.- Watch the Park in miniature 

Want to enjoy a different view of the Park? In the entrance of the Main Plaza, there’s a detailed model of Xcaret. A great way to organize all the activities you’ll do during your visit and locate every aspect of the map from a different perspective.

14.- Buy Medicines 

We know that when you’re on vacation, you usually get carried away by emotion and almost always forget things. In case you need any medication, personal hygiene items or moisturizing cream, it’s good to know that in Xcaret’s Main Plaza there is a Pharmacy. Located right next to “La Orquídea” Coffee Shop.

15.- Watch newborn quails 

One of the places of Xcaret’s Main Plaza where you will surely find people around. In the halls, you will see some incubators with small quail eggs. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness the birth of one or several of them, a real spectacle of nature closely! Have your camera ready, because you will not want to miss it!



16.- Watch a miniature collection 

One of the best-kept secrets of the park is the exhibition of miniatures. Just go through the “Sales” section of the souvenir shop at Xcaret’s Main Plaza, there you will find a display case with representations in miniatures of elements of Mexican culture such as markets, bakeries, among others.

17.- Go to the restroom

Around the Park, you will find other points to go to the toilet, which you can locate on your map, but the bathroom of the Main Plaza is designed to be the most complete of all. Here you can find showers, baby changing stations, rent towels, lockers and wheelchair-accessible toilets.

18.- Chairs for all the family

One of Xcaret’s photo must spots, ideal for families with toddlers. Let your creativity fly and strike a pose to take home a cool souvenir photo in these traditional Mexican chairs.

19.- Withdraw money from an ATM

Most of the souvenir stores and restaurants accept debit or credit cards. But, if you rather have cash instead we suggest making a stop at the ATM at Xcaret’s Main Plaza, in case you want to do a craft workshops or leave a tip. 

20.- Buy a passport

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably have read about Xcaret’s Passport. A different way to explore the whole Park and learn more about each place you visit while collecting stamps. You can buy this little book at Xcaret’s Main Plaza just for 5 dollars. If you succeed to collect all the patches, you can win a shirt at the end of the day.


21.- Take a map of the Park

Don’t forget to take a map before starting your day, it will be your best friend during your visit. You can find them in different languages: Portuguese, German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. We suggest you bring a marker to identify all the locations you want to visit on your map.

22.- Take a photo with a macaw

Right at the exit of the Main Plaza, you’ll find the photographers of the Park with the most charismatic exemplars of all: the macaws. Interact with them and take home an unforgettable photo of your visit to Xcaret. They are only in the morning, don’t forget to take the time to go and meet them.

23.- Drink something at the bar

Ideal to go chill and drink something while you wait for Xcaret’s Night Show to begin. Whether you sit at the bar or at the comfortable tables of La Orquídea, at the Corona Bar you can buy the best national and international cocktails. 

24.- Buy semiprecious jewelry

At La Mina Jewelry you will find hundreds of Mexican stones in unusual shapes and semiprecious jewelry that you will want to take home. Perfect if you don’t want to bring back a typical souvenir and you are looking for something more unique, or just if you’re going to give yourself a small treat.


25.- Take a photo with the livings

Right next to the exhibition of miniatures you will find this fun scenario with handmade characters. Take the time to appreciate the Mexican details of this typical scene and to take a photo as if you were part of the story.


26.- Take a delicious snack

Ideal to renew your energy before enjoying the Night Show. In Xcaret’s Main Plaza you can buy all kind of meals, from the classic chips, cookies, juices, to delicious artisanal ice-cream. There are so many choices that you will not know which to choose!


27.- Buy a unique bottle of tequila

What better souvenir of your visit to Mexico than an authentic bottle of tequila. In Xcaret’s Main Plaza you will find more than the classic bottle of this traditional drink, but a whole bunch of bottle forms like a high heel or the pyramid of Chichen Itza.

28.- Buy the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular DVD

One of your Xcaret’s shopping musts is definitely the DVD of the Night Show. Trust us, you will want to watch the presentation more than once, don’t forget to take home the official video, since its only available in the Park.


Maybe visiting Xcaret’s Main Plaza will not be one of your favorite activities, but it will surely be worth it.

What else would you like to see here on your next visit?