The Park that embraces life turns 25  

Travel to this natural Park in Tulum with your whole family  

Xel-Há is a place like no other in the world; it has inexplicable magic that stays in your heart forever and makes you want to return again and again. I don’t know a single person who has gone and says that he or she wouldn’t like to return, either because of its natural environment, fun activities, food, or something else, but it’s a place that hooks you.  

If you are still unsure whether to visit Xel-Há or not during your Riviera Maya vacation plan, I wrote this list of 25 reasons to visit Xel-Há that will convince you.  

25 Reasons to visit Xel-Há

1.- Its unique turquoise blue water inlet  

The Xel-Há Inlet is the main attraction; unlike other natural places in Tulum, this one combines the freshwater present in the cenotes and underground rivers with the salt water of the Caribbean Sea.  

Most of the water activities of the Park take place here; it is an ideal place to spend hours snorkeling unlimitedly and freely discovering each of its corners.  

25 Reasons to visit Xel-Há - the great inlet

2.- It is an excellent example of recycling and waste separation  

Nowadays, it is common to see that companies separate their waste correctly and that they have recycling programs, but Xel-Há has more than 20 years with this good habit. This Park is a pioneer in good practices in terms of waste management, composting and, above all, avoiding generating more garbage by not using disposables.

recycling and waste separation  - Xel-Há

3.- You can eat a variety of food unlimitedly  

Whether you want Mexican or international food, snacks, vegetarian options, or whatever, when you visit Xel-Há, you will have a variety of foods that you can eat unlimitedly. All restaurants are buffet style and change menus at the following times:  

Breakfast: 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.  

Lunch: 11:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  

4.- It has a sea turtle protection and conservation program  

Together with Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México AC, and Xcaret Park, Xel-Há has had “The Riviera Maya-Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation Program.” For more than 20 years, this program has been considered the most extensive, continuous, and long-lived in Mexico. When you visit Xel-Há, you can take short a tour to the “Turtle Camp” on the beach, where you can see and learn all about this vital program.  

recycling and waste separation  Xel-Há

5.- The fun Children’s World  

Xel-Há is a park designed for the whole family. In addition to the fact that children and adults can do practically all activities, it has an area designed especially for children. The Children’s World has activities such as a slide that falls into the creek, a floating bridge, paths through the trees, wading pool, swings, handrails, and much more.  

Children's World Xel-Há

6.- It has the EarthCheck International Sustainable Tourism certification  

EarthCheck is an international certification program for tourism companies that promote better environmental and social practices that precisely assess ten lines of action such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, ecosystem conservation, social and cultural issues, and others. 

Since 2009, Xel-Há Park received the EarthCheck Certification for the first time by operating under a sophisticated and efficient Environmental Management System, becoming the first Park in the world to receive the EarthCheck International Sustainable Tourism Certification, the most sustainable recognized seal of sustainability in the world. Today it already has EarthCheck Platinum, the highest level available for this certification that is granted to those who have been with it for more than ten years. 

EarthCheck Certification Xel-Há

7.- You can admire the most beautiful panoramic view of the Riviera Maya  

Since 2017 in Xel-Há, the Scenic Lighthouse was inaugurated, which is currently the only place that allows you to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Riviera Maya. From here, you can observe the large inlet, the river, and its mouth in the Caribbean Sea: a picture that you will remember forever.  

Scenic Lighthouse Xel-Há

8.- And get ahead of the highest and funniest slide  

The Scenic Lighthouse is also one of the tallest water slides in the Riviera Maya! This attractive 30-meters high has four waterslides in a natural pool surrounded by jungle and nature. It is an experience that you cannot miss in Xel-Há.  

Scenic Lighthouse slide Xel-Há

9.- It’s in Tulum, one of the most sought-after destinations in Mexico 

In the Mexican Caribbean, many small destinations are worth exploring are Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Bacalar, Puerto Morelos, etc. But the most popular city with international travelers is Tulum, for its charming and unique nature. Xel-Há is located in this paradise, a few minutes from the Archaeological Site and the town center.  

Where is Xel-Há?

Whether you decide to stay in Tulum or exploring it as one of the plans for your travel itinerary, it is a worthwhile visit.  

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10.- You can drink unlimitedly from a national and international open bar  

When you vacation in the Caribbean, you will always crave a tropical cocktail, that’s a rule.  In Xel-Há, you can enjoy a variety of unlimited drinks included in your admission. Plan a visit to one of our bars to refresh yourself with the delicious taste of these cocktails.  

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11.- Its magnificent natural river  

Whenever you ask someone who has already visited Xel-Há what they remember most, they will tell you that the river. You can enjoy this beautiful natural attraction in two ways: snorkeling or floating on an inner tube, no matter which of the two you choose, you will have fun and relaxation.  

12.- The possibility of taking a nap in a hammock under a palm tree  

There are few things as relaxing as lying in a hammock, lowering one foot to the sand, and slowly swinging until you fall asleep accompanied by the sea breeze and the shade of a palm tree. You can do this in several different places within Xel-Há; anytime you feel like it, stop your water activities and take a revitalizing nap.  

13.- Water adventure activities  

Not everything is relaxation and peace; in the Xel-Há Inlet, there are also multiple adventure activities that you can enjoy as many times as you want. Right in the central part of the water route, between the river and the floating bridge, lies what we call the World of Adventure; there you can fly on zip lines, cross a rope circuit, a trepachanga, and much more.  

14.- It has a fish monitoring program  

Fish are one of the spoiled inhabitants of the cove and what our dear visitors like to see most, that’s why we work every day to take care of them. A specialized work team travels the creek to identify species, number of organisms, interactions between organisms, etc. Currently, more than 20 species of fish that live in the cove are monitored.  

15.- Here you will take the most beautiful photos of your vacation  

Whether in the water or on the dirt roads, throughout the Park and the activities, a system of cameras that are activated with your bracelet is installed so you can take all the pictures you like. They are placed in spots designed for you to have the most original photos that no other camera could capture.  

Note: the photo package has an additional cost, you can purchase it with your ticket or at the end of your day in multi-ticket offices.  

16.- For the production, rescue, and reforestation of native plants  

For Xel-Há, plants are of vital importance, which is why it has production, rescue, and reforestation program for native plants. To give you an idea, in approximately four months, 45,305 plants are produced, of which 22,569 plants are reforested in areas within the Park, service areas, and parking. 

17.- It will be the only place where you will cross a fun floating bridge  

Right where the cove meets the sea, there is a long floating bridge that allows you to cross to another part of the Park that is well worth knowing. But it is not just any bridge, crossing here is an experience worth living, and it is an excellent place to take photos with the blue sea as the background. 

18.- You will lose your fear of heights with a very refreshing and brave jump  

There are many ways to enter the water in the creek, but none compares to the adrenaline and freshness that is felt when falling from the Stone of Valor: a five-meter jump. Throughout the inlet you will find several cliff jumps like this, if you are afraid of heights, this is your chance to beat him.  

19.- It has a Grotto with fossils that you can observe closely  

In addition to the cenotes, the jungle, and all the abundant marine life that you will see when you visit Xel-Há, it also has a secret that few know: a small ancient cave with fossils known as “El Dorado Cave” where, unlike other places, you can closely watch and even feel with your own hands.

20.- You will travel jungle paths by bicycle  

To get to the river, there are three ways to do it: walking (on the Path of Consciousness side), aboard the train (a small truck that passes by visitors at an assigned station), or by bike, the most fun option of all! It is a journey through the jungle where you can see small fauna such as coatis, birds, iguanas, and peccaries.  

21.- The Park has a total of 5 ecosystems  

If you are a nature lover, this reason will convince you. When you visit Xel-Há, you will have the opportunity to explore five different ecosystems: low deciduous forest, underground river, karst creek, coastal area, and three different types of cenotes (cavern, semi-open and open). It is essential to mention that, in open cenotes and beaches people are not allowed to enter the water since they are considered protected areas due to their biodiversity.  

22.- It is a sanctuary that protects the Queen Conch 

This is a species that has been overexploited over time, and in some areas, it is even considered an extinct species. To counter this situation, Xel-Há has an environmental education program to sensitize the community about the protection and rehabilitation of the species.  

Also, a monitoring program of the Queen Conch in the cove is carried out, reporting abundance, density, and biometrics of the population that lives in the seagrass of this Natural Wonder.  

23.- There are more than ten unique activities that you can do at an extra cost  

If you are looking for something more than what your admission to the Park already includes, we have more than ten optional activities that are unique in Tulum. All of them have an additional cost, and you can buy them in advance through our website or when you arrive at the Park’s ticket offices.  

If you want adventure activities, I recommend Sea Trek, Snuba Cenote, or Adrenaline. If you prefer something more relaxing, the Xpá or Zip-Bike are good options. 

Learn about all the ones we have and their prices here: Optional Activities when you visit Xel-Há

24.- You will learn about the Mayan culture and its traditions   

In addition to being a beautiful natural park, Xel-Há helps to preserve the traditions of the region. An example is the honey harvest ceremony of the melipona bee or Mayan bee, as it is also known, which takes place twice a year. But not only that, in the Nursery you will find a replica of a Mayan cuisine, a chiclero camp, and other traditions such as the Talking Cross, etc.  

25.- It is one of the favorite places for the locals  

The inhabitants of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and in general, the entire state of Quintana Roo consider Xel-Há as one of their favorite destinations to take their relatives to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and any significant events. Having so many natural beauties nearby, locals choose to visit Xel-Há for its charm, for its nature, its unlimited food and drinks of excellent quality.  

We wait for you here to celebrate the 25 years of Xel-Há!  
We wait for you here to celebrate the 25 years of Xel-Há!