The weekly wellness checklist

you needed in your life  


I don’t think there is someone who doesn’t seek a healthier life. Someone who never worries about their well-being and tries to do things as good as possible, and although it’s something so familiar, it’s not easy stuff! Life usually absorbs us in its routine, in a constant hurry and delayed arrears and without realizing it, we tend to leave our wellness aside.   

I created this list to make the process a little easier so that you can start your days on the right foot and little by little, you can start adopting these new habits that will eventually, make you feel better. Something significant that you must consider if you decide to change your habits is that you must incorporate them, one at a time. Your body and your routine will adapt better if you give it enough time.   

Before you start, you should know that one of the essential aspects when it comes to creating a habit is that, on average, it takes about 21 to 30 days to form. Therefore, it is vital that during this period, you practice this new habit every day, without fail. 



Download a free print version and keep it close to you: Weekly wellness checklist to print


1.- Get up before 7 a.m.  

Regardless of your lifestyle, getting up before 7 a.m. allows you to start the day with a victory and set the tone for a happy and productive day. If your already late, it’s likely that you’ll leave some work pending for later, and when you return home you probably won’t end up doing it at all. This causes you to start the day with failure, and regardless of how simple this may sound, it diminishes your optimism and therefore, your productivity. 


2.- Try a balanced diet   

It has nothing to do with losing or gaining weight but rather having a healthy body. A balanced diet is one that contains the nutrients that the body needs to function correctly. These essential nutrients areproteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. One of the reasons why we should try to do so is because it helps prevent diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, among others. Also, a balanced diet allows you to have a better quality of life with all that it entails.  

3.- Do 30 minutes of exercise 

It doesn’t matter what routine or activity you choose, as long as you activate your body for at least 30 minutes a day. In addition to being fun, exercise increases strength, provides energy, prevents diseases, helps maintain healthy body weight and last but not least, it maintains mental well-being to help prevent depression, stress, and anxiety. 


4.- Meditate for at least 5 minutes  

There are many myths about meditation, so if you are not clear about what it is, first read: Meditation, what is it, and how does it work? 

Now, as a summary, to meditate is to be present now. Despite being a practice born and perfected in the East, it is an exercise that can be applied very quickly to the western lifestyle. Meditating impacts on absolutely all aspects of your life; there is no one way to do it or a correct or incorrect way. Try to do it at least five minutes a day and over time, and once you see its benefits; you can increase the duration of your meditation.   

5.- Make a list of 3 things that you are grateful for 

Daily thankfulness can change your life and that of those around you. It entails you to simply review your daily activities with the objective of finding which ones you consider good and being grateful for them; it is an action that will help you feel like a very fortunate person. It isn’t difficult if you think about it, there are many things that you can be grateful for right now, some are very general, such as life, family, work and others much more specific, such as the kindness of a particular person, a meal you ate or a place you discovered.  

An excellent way to do it is before going to bed at night: saying goodbye to the day with grateful thoughts. It’s not necessary to write them down, but if you do, it will help you to materialize them and be able to read them whenever you have a bad day. 


6.- Read 10 pages of a book  

Reading will allow you to take a necessary break during your daythat will make you forget about work and personal problems. Spending at least half an hour in silence without thinking about your personal life, will give you the peace and relaxation we all seek.  

In addition to peace, reading has many benefits for intellectual development. You don’t have to read something academic; it can be a novel, short stories, or whatever you prefer, it will all help you exercise attention and concentration. Remember that the brain is a muscle and it needs to work out to be strong and healthy.  

7.- Take a break from social media  

There’s nothing wrong with being on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media; the bad thing is doing it all the time. Sometimes we don’t realize that we spend many hours in front of screens, be it a smartphone, computer, television or tablet. If you must do it for work, what I recommend is taking a break from social media before going to bed at night. By doing so, you will also be separated from the smartphone and thus reduce excessive exposure to screens. There are many other things you can do instead, such as reading a book, playing a board game, or talking on the phone with someone you love.  

8.- Celebrate your small wins 

Mind you; I’m not telling you to shout your success to the world, but to permit yourself to feel the joy and satisfaction of every achievement, however small it may be. Recognize the dedication and courage it took you to achieve your goal. The size of the celebration is not important either; what counts is to recognize that you are provoking motivation and inspiration in yourself and others.  

9.- Drink two liters of water 

We have already read many times that the human body is composed of 60% water, so it’s not a secret that hydration is essential to maintain good health. A simple way to achieve this is by always having a liter thermos next to you, that way you will remember that you must drink at least two bottles every day. Note: avoid buying plastic bottles, but if you need to do so, make sure to reuse them 


10.- Spend at least 20 minutes in contact with nature  

Don’t let technology keep you locked in four walls all the time. There’s a vast world to discover that no social media, series, or video will allow you to experience. Not going out of the house or office can cause fatigue, seasonal depression, and lack of mental clarity. At least once a day try to visit a park, spend time in the garden, walk on the beach or something similar.  

Spending time in contact with nature has positive effects such as: developing creativity, relieving stress, improving your mood, and getting rid of depression and anxiety. If your daily routine does not allow it, do it on weekends, or during your vacations, travel to places that have lovely natural wonders.  

11.- Make your bed  

There are two simple reasons why I recommend doing this: the first is that if you make your bed in the morning, you will start your day on the right foot, and even though its a small win, the feeling of having achieved something will be great. The second is that there’s nothing better than getting home to rest in a clean and tidy bed after a long day of work.  

12.- Keep in touch with your loved ones  

This one is something that, unfortunately, is learned until you lose a loved one. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to keep in touch with your grandparents, your parents, or even distant friends. Sometimes we shut ourselves up so much in our routine that we forget to talk to the people who make us happy. It doesn’t matter if you live far away or if you saw them recently, keeping in touch with your family will always make you feel better.  

13.- Listen to your favorite music  

Finally, one of my favorites: music. You have many opportunities to listen to your favorite jams, and this will help you improve your mood every time. Listen to your “power song” on the way to work, when you exercise, while you bathe or use headphones and listen to music before entering an important meeting. The effects of music are countlesssome of them are; human cognitive development, the stimulation of our intelligence, and even in health, according to studies.  


Download the list, it is a good opportunity to start measuring how many of these wellness habits you do to have a healthier life. You do not have to print it, you can also use it on your cell phone or tablet.