Reengage 2012

Celebrating a New Era in Xcaret

 According to Mayan history narrated in the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of Mayan writings, it was not until the third try that the Mayan gods created the men of corn. It is our responsibility to be a new class of men with a sense of renewal.



This new is you, it’s all of us. To commemorate this important date of the Mayan calendar, Xcaret Park celebrates the arrival of a new era.


Visitors leave their wishes for a new era on ribbons of hope. Happiness, love, peace and harmony are just a few of the messages left to a new cycle.


Visitors receive a new era with pure hearts after experiencing and witnessing a Mayan purification ceremony given by the Tihosuco community.


In silence, contemplating the natural beauty of their surroundings, visitors enjoyed a tour of Paradise River, inviting everyone aboard to resume their ties with nature.


Owl Dance. Owls are considered messengers of the lords of death, as recounted in the Popol Vuh, sacred book of the Mayan.



In the Mayan Village, we received a new era with a representation of the New Fire Dance.



Architect Miguel Quintana Pali present at the ceremony cancellation postmark alluding to the Sacred Mayan Journey.


A new era prepares to arrive as visitors are part of a cleansing ceremony by the people of Pole, led by Eduardo Colunga.


The lights illuminate the great ceiba the night of December 21st in the Restaurant La Isla while we received a new era.



The rythms and sounds of the Mayab evoke the gods, giving the new era a fare welcome.


Now we celebrate a new beginning and with it the opportunity to be a better version of ourselves.


How did you celebrate the beginning of a new era?