Are you going to stay home all your life?

Let life surprise you

Life is short, don’t let it pass you without having lived experiences that you will remember forever.

I understand that it’s necessary to work and have a daily routine to achieve our goals and grow, but never let go of what is really worthwhile: living a life, you will remember!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much effort to get a laugh, to feel adrenaline and nerves or for our body to be full of energy and good vibes. You just need to give a little boost to your life.


1.- Explore the underwater universe

May you never forget that there is a whole world underwater. When you think you’ve seen it all, take a snorkeling tour or take a diving lesson and and discover life under the sea.


2.- Eat something you would never imagine

When you are going to break the diet, let it be with things that are really worthwhile. Exciting dishes that leave a taste in your mouth like no other.


3.- Dance all night until the sun comes up

Partying all night is not just for college students. From time to time, escape to dance and enjoy the magic of music. If you go with a group of good friends, better.


4.- Skip school or work for a day

If you never did it when you were in high school, you missed an experience like no other. But don’t worry, as long as you have responsibilities, there will always be an opportunity to skip it! Escape to a museum, an amusement park or go for a swim to the beach on any Wednesday.




5.- Climb to the top of a mountain

You will feel tired, and several times you will feel like you can’t make it to the top, but once you do, the view will be worth it. Allow yourself to explore new places, connect with nature and give yourself time. If there aren’t any mountains around you, an ancient pyramid is also a good experience.




6.- Have an emotional scream

When was the last time you were so excited about something that you screamed without realizing it? Of course this is something you can’t control, but believe me, if you plan to be sitting at your office chair it’s less likely to happen to you. Go out and try adventure activities, live shows and things in which emotions flow at full speed.



7.- Experience a purification

Regardless of your beliefs, sometimes our mind and body need a purification. A time to detox of all the bad that surrounds you and make you feel loaded. After doing so, you will feel renewed inexplicably.


8.- Jump into the water from the heights

It doesn’t have to be from great heights (although it would also be incredible) you can jump from a small cliff, a platform or just from the edge of a pool. Falling into the water at a considerable depth is delicious, the feeling of going against gravity and then coming back to the surface by inertia is something that can’t be compared to anything else in life.



9.- Meet new people

There is nothing wrong with having childhood friends or going out with our families, but meeting new people is always refreshing. Go to different places and do it with an open mind. Talk to people from other countries, you will be surprised at how much you will learn about other cultures, but also how much you have in common.



10.- Laugh until you cry

Finally, my wish for you is that no matter what you do, life gives you moments of such happiness in which you can’t stop laughing.  I wish you have a lot of those brief moments when you can’t contain your laughter and feel like crying, and afterward,  a full recharge of positive energy.

How many of these moments have you lived lately?

Don’t stay at home, go out and let life surprise you!