Things only a foreigner who visited Mexico would understand 

Mexico: love at first sight

If you have never visited Mexico before, you might only know this beautiful country for its popular things such as Mariachi, guacamole and tequila, but the reality goes beyond all that. You’d be amazed of all the cultural richness this country has to offer, because when you actually get to see the magic of Mexico, the way you see life is completely different.

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If you are currently visiting Mexico, and you are starting to feel the following signals, be careful, because you might be falling in love:



1. You caught yourself constantly thinking about what will be your next mexican dish, maybe eating at the little puesto de tacos al pastor around the corner or visiting a delightful and colorful mexican restaurant.

2. You suddenly learn how to sing and speak un poquito español. Starting from the basic stuff like “una cerveza por favor” or singing hits from Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony (even when you know they are not actually Mexican.)  

3. You start making new friends everywhere you go, people are super friendly, and Mario, el taquero has now become your new bff.

4. You can not believe how refreshing an agua fresca actually is, and that it is practically made by the Gods.

5. Your camera starts to fill with tons of beautiful pictures; random houses, tasty food and colorful streets!

6. You can’t wait to tell your friends you’ve tried a real tequila shot and an authentic mexican beer.

7. You discover there’s so much more than beautiful sandy beaches, there are also amazing places like cenotes, underground rivers, waterfalls, natural pools and more.

8. You are deeply in love with the weather, because no matter where you go, it’s just wonderful all the time.

9. You start wondering, “how have I survived all this years without eating quesadillas?”

10. And finally, you begin planning your next trip to Mexico, maybe to a Pueblo Mágico in Oaxaca, or a relaxing place in the Riviera Maya.

And when you least expect it, you found love, in a shape of an amazing country that opened its heart to you.

What made you fall in love with Mexico? 

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