A Picture (In Tulum)

Is Worth A Thousand Words

On the South of the Riviera Maya, just 1:30 hrs away from Cancun and 50 minutes from Playa del Carmen, is where you find this Mayan city. Known initially as Zamá, City of Dawn, Tulum is a portal to the past that allows us to enjoy the nature, history, and culture of an ancient civilization that was distinguished for being an important society that transported merchandise by sea from different continents such as South America, North America, and Asia. By visiting this place, you will discover the magic that surrounds Tulum and its beautiful beaches.

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And since we know that it is almost impossible not to want to photograph all the seconds of your visit, we prepare a list of 10 Photos You Should Take During Your Visit To Tulum.

1. When you reach the Archaeological Zone and wonder at its beauty

Photos in Tulum
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2. You try to imagine how life was here more than 1,500 years ago

Tulum archeological zone
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3. You decide to sit down and contemplate as far as your eyes can see

photos in tulum view archeological zone
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4. Your heart asks for more, and you go down the stairs to the beach

photos in tulum steps
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5. You walk around and learn a little more about the great Mayan civilization

photos in tulum archeological zone
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6. You ask your partner for a picture like “Follow me” because of course, we know it is a MUST

photos in tulum follow me
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7. Feel the wind on your face and salt on your lips

photos in tulum archeological beach
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8. You discover the wonderful beach

photos in tulum beach
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9. You walk along the beach and discover the ideal spot for a photo

photos in Tulum palm beach
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10. Decide to dive into the turquoise water and enjoy the moment

photos in Tulum cenote
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Extra. Finding the best spots for a couple photos in Tulum

couple in Tulum
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Ready! Do not forget to smile and capture the best moment of your visit; you are apt to have the best photos of your vacation in the Riviera Maya.

What other picture would you add to our list?