Nature’s wisdom

Is an unbelievable show

Nature is by itself an unforgettable and unbelievable show. Your eyes will marvel with moments that only time and life are able to create. Some of those special moments were designed with human help, but nature is the main protagonist. Check out the next natural shows that happen in Mexico that you must see.

1.- Thousands of bird coming out from the earth

An unbelievable show that happens at the Huasteca Potosina, in San Luis Potosi. A phenomenon that can’t be described in words. Just when the Sun starts to rise, you’ll be able to see thousands of birds flying from their homes, emerging from a cave 262 ft diameter and 1570 ft deep.

This show can be seen during sunrise and sunset when birds return back home.  Also, by the evening, the same birds will return home making incredible presentations created by nature.

Is an unbelievable show
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2.-  The feathered snake arrives at the Earth

This is not an entirely natural show because it involves a building made by humans. The Mayan architects built the Kukulkan’s temple in Chichen Itza, strategically oriented to the Sun in a unique way that during the spring equinox (December 21st) or autumn equinox (September 21st) you can see the silhouette of Kukulkan, a crucial Mayan god, descending from the stairs of its temple. The result from shadows made from the sunlight and natural light.

3.- The place in Mexico where sunrise is seen first.

Isla Mujeres, in Yucatan’s Peninsula. It is the first place in Mexico to receive sunlight. From the north point of the island, you can see the sunrise as you’ve never seen it before. You have to wake up early to see this unbelievable show of nature, but I assure you, it is totally worth it.

4.- The great giant of the sea visits the Yucatan peninsula

Every year, the biggest fish of the ocean visits the waters of the Yucatan Peninsula,  creating an unbelievable show. The Shark Whale makes its arrival to Holbox thanks to the cold currents of the sea that favors the growth of plankton, the favorite meal of this giant. During the summer it can be seen without any danger due to their friendly and non-aggressive personality, there is also the chance to swim beside this incredible creatures.

5.- Monarch Butterflies arriving in México.

These butterflies, the queens of the center of the country, can be seen in Michoacan and the Estado de Mexico. They arrive between March and November after flying 4,970 miles from the woods of U.S.A. and Canada creating an unbelievable show that you won’t forget.

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6.- Thousands of turtle eggs on the beach

Mexico’s beaches are the perfect spot for a lot of turtles searching the ideal place for its eggs. Their favorite destination is Quintana Roo’s and Oaxaca’s beaches, but all across the country a lot of states receive them. Thanks to programs such as Tortugaton, turtles have a beautiful and secure place to put their eggs.

7.- The sun rising from the Popocatepetl’s crater

During winter’s solstice (December 21st) you’ll be able to see from the top of Xochicalco’s mountain, in Xochimilco, how the sun “gets out” from the Popocatepetl volcano’s crater. Ancestral cultures that lived 500 years back used to see this incredible show that marked a significant day on its agricultural calendars.

Is an unbelievable show
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8.- The brightened sea of Holbox

Between May and September, you can see how the sea shines thanks to the luminescence created by the growing plankton that lives in Holbox. This plankton, as I said before, is the Whale Shark’s favorite meal so you can see two of the most amazing natural shows in Mexico in just one trip.

9.- The “voice” of Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan

Kukulcan’s temple in Quintana Roo and the Sun’s Pyramid in Teotihuacan have their own and particular voice. If you clap in front of them, you’ll be able to hear the sound of the quetzal, a holy bird for our ancestors. The architecture of these buildings allows this fantastic sound effect of which humans are responsible for, but I decided to put it on this list because Mayan and Teotihuacan people studied the nature for years to be able to create an unbelievable show.

10.- The sky full of colors

Thanks to the Xcaret Park protection and reintegration program for green and red macaws, this beautiful animal can fill the sky of Chiapas and Veracruz with its colors and sounds.

Do you know about another incredible show in Mexico? Share it with us!