Meet and taste the best Mexican Wines

The drink of the Gods, made in Mexico


“Wine moistens and tempers the spirit and lulls the cares of the mind to rest, it revives our joys and is oil to the dying flame of life…” Socrates

In Mexico, the cultivation of the grapes for wine began after the arrival of Hernan Cortes and his conquerors. With more than 500 years of history, today we can say that the wine production in Mexico is gaining importance nationally and internationally.




There are many wine producers that have sought to promote Mexican wines within and outside of our country.  In Mexico, there are seven main estates where wine production is carried out, these are: Queretaro, Coahuila, Baja California, Zacatecas, Sonora, Chihuahua and Aguascalientes.

There’s a large number of Mexican wines, all of them of excellent quality. There are different types of wine: red, white, rosé, sparkling wine, and many others. Here we share a list of 10 authentic mexican wines.

Red Wines

Adobe Guadalupe.  Miguel 2006. Tempranillo, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a wine aged in barrels for eleven months, it contains 80% Tempranillo, 15% of Grenache and 5% of Sauvignon. Ideal with red meats, pastas, cheeses and fish.




St Thomas. Único 2005. Cabernet  Sauvignon and Merlot

This wine contains a 65% of Cabernet Sauvignon and a 35% of Merlot. It is harvested in the region of “Ensenada Baja California” in Mexico. It’s production house, “St. Thomas” had its origins with the arrival of Jesuit missionaries in this country. This wine is ideal with meats and light cheeses.




Barón Balché. Siete Zinfandel 2005. Zinfandel

This wine from the “Valle de Guadalupe” in Baja California, Mexico.  Contains 100% Zinfandel and works perfectly with lamb and goat cheese.




Casa Madero. Shiraz Casa Grande. Shiraz

From “Casa Madero” this wine is 100% Shiraz. This wine is aged for 24-26 months in new American oak barrels which provide a taste of black fruit, cinnamon, hazelnut and semisweet chocolate. You will love pairing it with steaks, mature cheeses, lamb and desserts made from bitter chocolate.




Vinos Shimul. Albarolo 2007. Nebbiolo

This wine contains 100% nebbiolo grape. With a dense body, it gives off a scent of vanilla, red fruits, plum, coffee and chocolate, which we will leave a taste of wood and fruit. Ideal with steaks and cheeses.




White Wines

Casa Madero. Chardonnay Casa Grande, any year. Chardonnay.

Another one from Casa Madero. This wine contains 100% chardonnay, and is aged for 6 months in new French white oak barrels which provide a yellow color. The taste of this wine is the one of species and dried fruits. We reccomend serving it with white meats and creamy sauces, other good options are: peppers in walnut sauce, turkey stuffed with dried fruit, passion fruit cake and bananas flambe.




La Cetto. Sierra Blanca Sauvignon Blan. Sauvignon Blanc.

Originating of a line of wines that features a “new winemaking technique”, which includes the innovative use of conical tanks. This was the first wine in  Mexico to replace the traditional cork with an alternative top called “Stelvin”, replacing the traditional cork. This wine is excellent with fresh salads and pasta with seafood, and lobster.




Rosé Wines

Adobe Guadalupe. Uriel. Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Grenache, Chenin Blanc, Moscatel, Viognier, Syrah

This wine is the result of a mix of several varietals such as Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Grenache, Chenin Blanc, Muscat, Viognier, Syrah, etc. This mix resulted as a fresh wine and with aromas such as raspberries and cherries . This wine is characterized by it’s fermentation in a stainless steel tank and not in the barrels as many other wines. The recommended  pairing for this wine is with seafood, paella and soft cheeses.




Monte Xanic. Calixa Rosado Grenache 2008. Grenache

This wine contains 100% grenache. This is a dry wine with acidity. In the mouth it has a flavor of anise, lilacs and fresh red fruits. Ideal for pairing with spanish omelet, asian cuisine, chicken, paella, shrimp sauteed with light sauces, shellfish, grilled steaks, carpaccio, hawaiian pizza and even desserts like red fruits cake, among others.





Cavas Freixenet de México. Viña Doña Dolores Chardonnay Brut Nature. Chardonnay

Wine from “Ezequiel de los Montes”, Queretaro, Mexico. It has a fruity aroma to pineapple, apple, pear and peach which is reflected in the taste with fresh notes, pleasant acidity and effervescence. Recommended with pasta, seafood, salads and desserts like fruit cake, apple strudel.




We have already presented some of the great wines we have in our country, now is your turn to decide which one you want to bring to your table. If you want to know more about the history of our mexican wine we invite you to visit the Wine Cellar in Xcaret. They have a collection of over 400 years of wine history in Mexico and have more than 180 Mexican wine labels, each one of excellent quality.