Xcaret Aquarium

A Window to the Coral Reefs of the Mexican Caribbean

When talking about the beauty and attractions that characterize the Rivera Maya, we must include The Xcaret Aquarium, where “Everything Is Alive.” You will be able to explore the depths of the coral sea, where you will learn about how the reefs are formed and their importance to our ecosystem. When you reach the surface, you will learn about The Marine Turtle Protection Program. The place is full of information and curious creatures.

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In your tour through the aquarium, you’ll learn about the Reef Builders. You’ll enjoy learning about the Deep Reef, where fantastically shaped corals struggle against one another to capture light. Then you’ll pass through the Shallow Reef display with its wide variety of shapes and colors before arriving at the Reef Crest area where corals dance and move to the rhythm of waves. Then comes the Fossil Reef Gallery with its showcases of wondrous ancient ecosystems. Find the Oceanic Window with its display of sharks and other surprising animals.


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Finally, you’ll visit the Reef Lagoon with its calm waters and Mangrove trees whose tightly woven roots serve as the reef’s incubator and nursery.


The habitats

Currently, the Aquarium of Xcaret has more than 5,000 organisms. 80% of them come from The Coral Rescue Program, which is responsible for those that are detached from the reef by a storm or natural phenomenon.


The Infrastructure

What makes the Xcaret Aquarium unique is not only its sample of reef systems but its permanent pumping system, which allows the free entry of plankton, sponge larva, and natural nutrients. The pipes are placed 300 m from the coast and are positioned at angles designed to work using gravity; eliminating the use of additional energy to operate the aquarium.

Beyond all of the things that you’re able to see at the Xcaret Aquarium, there’s a committed group of experts that work to take care and preserve the creatures that live here. If you want to learn more about what happens behind everything you can see in the Aquarium of Xcaret, please contact the manager Ana Cerón at aceron@experienciasxcaret.com.mx

Tell us, what was your favorite part of the Xcaret Aquarium?