The only bad taco

Is The One You Didn’t Eat

Mexico is famous for its culinary offer. You can find Yucatan’s cuisine at the north of the country, or great cut of meat at the north, in Monterrey. How about seafood from Veracruz or Acapulco or mole from Puebla! But if I have to choose the best Mexican dish, the king, the one thing that defines us as Mexicans, it would be the tacos.

You can find tacos of everything and with a lot of combinations and different recipes for the same meat. For example, you can eat pork prepared on a saucepan with orange and a lot of spices, and it is called carnitas, but you can also eat pork on a food spin, and it is called “pastor,” and both are delicious.

If you want to know a little bit of Mexican culture and cuisine, I strongly recommend you to try street tacos. You have to be careful because our stomach is used to these seasonings, therefore, it is more resistant, so you may want to take it easy and try one taco at a time. Now I’ll tell you how to search and find the best tacos like a pro.

1.- How to pick the perfect taqueria?

This is kind of easy. The one with more people waiting for their tacos, or eating tacos, that’s the secure choice, but not always the best. If you want to try the real Mexico’s flavor, the best option is to ask the local people which are the tastiest tacos around. The taqueria that they could recommend you might not look fancy, or clean but trust me, it can offer a great and tasty trip through Mexico’s cuisine.

2.- Which taco should you eat?

A lot of options, but you have to try pastor tacos which are a food spin of pork prepared with spices and onion. You can also try suadero, beef with a particular taste that you will never forget. How about a pork sausage? We know it as chorizo or longaniza, and it is really tasty and delicious, you can order a campechano, which is a mix of chorizo and suadero.

And, a friendly reminder, the tortilla isn’t crunchy so you can forget about taco shells. You can order your taco with one or two, but unless you’re eating barbacoa, the tortilla has to be soft.

3.- Vegetables? Yes, please

Pastor tacos are great with a sweet flavor and pineapple is the best for this mix. Give it a try, I can assure you that it’s not like a Hawaiian pizza. It’s entirely different and great. Besides pineapple for pastor tacos, you can try them with onion and coriander to complete a whole experience.

4.- Sauce… Yes or no?

As a Mexican, I would say yes always, but you have to be careful because a hot sauce can transform your taco into a nightmare. My best recommendation is to try with some sauce and put some more if it’s not hot enough for you. Remember, the sauce has to complement the flavor, not rule it.

6.- What else?

You can complement your meal with soda, but I strongly recommend you to try classic Mexican waters like Jamaica or horchata. You can also try chambray onions or nopales cooked in the same oil than the meat which gives them a tasty flavor.

Now you know what to expect and how to choose the best taco place in Mexico. So, you only have to try until you find the best taco, don’t forget to try a lot of Mexican antojitos, I’m sure none of them will disappoint you. 

Have you tried tacos before? What do you think about them?