The Sacred Mayan Journey: A Voyage Through Time and Tradition

May 20, 2024

Get to know the research work behind this cultural event in Xcaret.

Since 2007, and after two years of research and preparation, the ancient Sacred Mayan Journey has been performed annually at Xcaret Park. This reenactment honors the traditions of the Postclassic Maya, who carried out this pilgrimage at various coastal sites in the present-day state of Quintana Roo, the most important being Polé-Xcaret.

Diverse Mayan ethnic groups traveled hundreds of kilometers to reach Polé-Xcaret, Xamanhá, Akumal, Tankah, and other coastal sites. From there, they embarked on a journey to the island of Cozumel, where the main shrine of the goddess Ix Chel was located.


The reenactment that takes place every year at Xcaret includes the following elements, all of which are carried out in strict adherence to historical research and documentary sources:  

- Clothing and attire
- Rituals
- Music

- Dance
- Construction of canoes and paddles
- Reproduction of a Mayan village
- Navigation
- The iconography of the Mayan gods
- Mayan characters (rulers, navigators, warriors, etc.)


Since its inception, the Sacred Mayan Journey has sought to recover ancient Mayan traditions and rituals, promoting the community's identity and pride in belonging to its Mayan cultural heritage.

The Spiritual Connection with the Goddess Ix Chel

The Sacred Mayan Journey is a cultural event and a profound spiritual experience. The ancient Mayans sailed to pay homage to Ix Chel, the goddess of fertility, the moon, and love. The island of Cozumel, her principal place of reverence, became a sanctuary of devotion and faith. Today's navigators, like their ancestors, embark on this journey with the same enthusiasm, recalling the sacrifices and dedication of their ancestors.


A Faithful Historical Reenactment

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the representation in Xcaret is its faithful adherence to historical and documentary research. The participants' costumes and attire are exact replicas of those used by the Postclassic Maya, designed with traditional materials and techniques. The carefully recreated rituals and ceremonies transport spectators to a time of deep connection with nature and the gods.

The Magic of Music and Dance

Music and dance play a crucial role in the Sacred Mayan Journey. Mayan drums, flutes, and songs create a mystical atmosphere that envelops participants and spectators, evoking the spirit of the time. The dances, laden with symbolism and meaning, tell stories of bravery, spirituality, and communion with the cosmos, allowing all present to connect with the ancestral legacy. 


The Art of Navigation

The crossing would not have been possible without the handcrafted canoes and paddles, which follow traditional Mayan techniques. The construction of these boats is an art requiring skill, knowledge, and a deep respect for nature. The navigators, prepared both physically and spiritually, challenge the Caribbean waters, just as their ancestors did, in an act of reverence and cultural continuity. 

A Project of Identity and Pride

Since its inception, the Sacred Mayan Journey has been an effort to recover and preserve Mayan traditions, thus promoting pride and cultural identity. This project not only celebrates the rich heritage of the Maya but also strengthens the sense of belonging and community among the participants and spectators. More people join this crossing each year, reaffirming their connection to their roots and transmitting this legacy to new generations.


A Journey for All

The Sacred Mayan Journey in Xcaret is not just for the descendants of the Maya; it is an open invitation to all who wish to know and celebrate this rich culture. Both tourists and locals find this event a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in history, learn about ancestral rituals, and participate in an experience transcending time. The crossing is, in essence, a bridge between the past and the present, uniting everyone in celebrating Mayan heritage.

This annual event is a testament to the power of culture and tradition to unite people, teach them about their roots, and offer them a more profound and enriching vision of humanity and its history. The Sacred Mayan Crossing is more than a reenactment; it is a transformative experience that celebrates the eternity of the human spirit and its connection to the cosmos.

Trabaja en la Dirección General como Coordinador de Proyectos de Patrimonio Cultural. En sus 24 años como colaborador del Grupo, ha participado en proyectos como la Travesía Sagrada Maya, el Panteón "Puente al Paraíso", el "Festival de Tradiciones de Vida y Muerte", así como en la formación de cuatro generaciones de Guías Generales de Turismo. Es Psicólogo de profesión, Coach Ontológico y Especialista en Cultura Maya. Le encantan los deportes, la naturaleza, los viajes, el buen comer, la música, hacer muchos amigos y más que nada el enseñar, ya que la formación de personas es su gran vocación.


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