Optical illusions: nothing is what it seems

November 14, 2017

Creativity and talent

playing with our sight

Every day we are surrounded by technology and that may turn us into a tough crowd, a one which is difficult to amazed. However, art, and colors and the imaginative minds of artists use the streets, walls or any other random places to create illusions.  They catch our attention by playing with the surroundings.

An optical illusion is when the sight perceives reality in different ways. Illusions are created when the eyes and brain are excessively stimulated with colors or movement effects and lines. Other illusions play with perspective and distortion creating impossible scenarios.

Prepare your beautiful eyes, here are some examples of how the creativity is mixed with the streets, natural landscapes and everyday things like paper or your mobile. Take a closer look at every image before saying: “wait… what? How? That’s impossible!'

Like how to create a river from your cell phone.

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This little dude likes to play with teleportation themes.

Wait a second…How did you get there?

Street art can have powerful messages.

It makes me feel like part of the Gulliver journeys to Lilliput.

Who loved to play with paper planes?

Sometimes our work can be in a bad mood.

Too much television for today. That was wild!

I recognize this. It looks like de cenotes and underground rivers in Riviera Maya.

Who supervised the placement of this tiled floor?

The human creativity has no limits. We can create whole new fantastic worlds on just a piece of paper, in the front of an entire building or even in a puddle. Optical illusions remind us, in a very original way, to search things to amaze us every day. Always go out and find things to question yourself, how is it done?

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Have you found any optical illusion walking on the street?

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