HA': The First Xcaret Restaurant to Receive a Michelin Star

May 16, 2024

We Celebrate Carlos Gaytán and the Chefs of Our Culinary Group Who Earned Michelin Stars

HA' and Multiple Chefs from Xcaret Recognized in the Prestigious Guide Highlighting the Best of Global Gastronomy

We are pleased to announce that Ha', the acclaimed restaurant led by chefs Carlos Gaytán and Cristian Castillo Sánchez, has been awarded a Michelin Star for 2024. This prestigious accolade marks a milestone in the history of Mexican gastronomy and establishes Ha' as the first restaurant in Xcaret to receive such an honor.

Recognizing Effort and Culinary Excellence

Receiving a Michelin Star is one of the most coveted honors in the culinary world. It signifies that the restaurant offers cuisine of the highest quality, distinguished by innovation, technique, and consistency. 

HA': The First Xcaret Restaurant to Receive a Michelin Star - Carlos Gaytan
Michelin Star - Carlos Gaytan

Michelin inspectors evaluate every aspect of a restaurant, from the quality of ingredients to the harmony of flavors, mastery in cooking and presentation, and the overall coherence of the dining experience.

Achieving this award means that Ha' has surpassed these rigorous standards and demonstrated an exceptional ability to surprise and delight diners with a unique proposition that honors Mexican roots while elevating them to a contemporary level of sophistication.

Ha's reaching this level is a testament to the talent and dedication of chefs Carlos Gaytán and Cristian Castillo Sánchez, who have successfully combined tradition and modernity in every dish.

The Culinary Proposal of Ha'

Ha' is distinguished by its focus on contemporary Mexican cuisine, using local ingredients and traditional techniques to create dishes that tell a story and delight the senses. Every detail, from presentation to flavors, reflects creativity and rigor in the kitchen.


This fusion of art and taste has captured the attention of culinary critics and diners seeking a unique gastronomic experience in the Riviera Maya.

"On behalf of everyone who makes up the Ha' team, we are filled with immense joy and gratitude for the great recognition of a Michelin Star, which reflects the result of a solid and committed collaboration over more than seven years with our local suppliers, collaborators, and gastronomic collective. This achievement is a testament not only to the hard work and daily dedication we put into our cuisine but also to the passion we infuse into every selected ingredient, prioritizing quality and sustainability, fundamental values of Grupo Xcaret" highlighted Carlos Gaytán, chef of Ha', who today becomes the first Mexican chef to earn a Michelin Star both within and outside of Mexico.


Michelin Star for the Rivera-Río Brothers and Jonathan Gómez Luna: A New Milestone for the Xcaret Culinary Group

The Rivera-Río brothers and Jonathan Gómez Luna, prominent members of the Xcaret Culinary Group, were also recognized tonight and will now be among the distinguished chefs in Mexico to receive a Michelin Star.

Their inclusion not only honors their achievements but also elevates the profile of the collective, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and innovation in the culinary field.

Michelin Star for the Rivera-Río Brothers A New Milestone for the Xcaret Culinary Group
Michelin Star for Jonathan Gómez Luna: A New Milestone for the Xcaret Culinary Group

Bib Gourmand Recognition for Chef Martha Ortiz

In the world of gastronomy, some recognitions go beyond the prestigious Michelin Stars, including the coveted Bib Gourmand. This recognition is given to restaurants that offer an excellent price-quality ratio and provide diners with an exceptional culinary experience. The talented chef Martha Ortiz and her acclaimed restaurant are among this select group.

With a culinary proposal fusing Mexican tradition with contemporary touches, Martha Ortiz has conquered the most demanding palates in Mexico and abroad. Her restaurant, deserving of the Bib Gourmand, offers delicious dishes and guarantees a complete dining experience at an affordable price.


Xcaret, known for its hotels and theme parks, which focus on sustainability and Mexican culture, has once again demonstrated its capacity to innovate and lead in new fields. The inclusion of Ha in the prestigious Michelin guide underscores Xcaret's commitment to quality and excellence in all its ventures.

Long live Mexican gastronomy and continued success for Ha' and the Xcaret Culinary Group!

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