Guide to take the best photos in Xenses Park

December 21, 2022

 Making your Instagram look fabulous, 

 is as simple as this! 

For all lovers of creativity, colors, imagination, and unique activities, there is Xenses Park in Playa del Carmen, Quintan Roo. A park that puts all your senses to the test in fantastic settings worthy of being in your photo album.  Read this guide to take the best photos in Xenses Park. 

The fantastic settings, activities, lights, and colors make Xences the ideal park to fill your Instagram with original and fun photos. 

Before starting with the tips, you must know the two ways to obtain incredible photographs. The first one is with the help of our Xelfie spots throughout the park; later on, I will tell you exactly how they work. And the second way is to put your artistic talent into practice with your cell phone or GoPro. 

You need to know this to understand Xenses Park 

The Park has two routes, the Path of Doing and the Path of Feeling. They have different activities to test your senses, balance, and concentration. 

In the Path of Doing, there are four activities where you will put your balance to the test and feel a rush of adrenaline. 

The Path of Feeling will bring out your bravest side and will leave you speechless while you live an incredible experience and optical illusions. 

What are the Xenses fantasy scenarios, and where are they? 

The fantastic scenarios are unique places that will surprise you while you explore both paths. Each one has a different setting, so you can feel the complete experience with all your senses, starting with the visual one. Get ready to look fabulous posing in them. 

The Path of Doing 

In the Path of Doing, there are two spectacular and cheerful settings: Respiro and The Town, which in addition to making you spend unbalanced and relaxing moments, will give you, In my opinion, the top 3 photos of your visit.  

Important: to enter this path, you must go with almost empty hands, just cell phones (put a waterproof cover on them) and GoPros are allowed. 

How to take creative photos in the Town of Xenses 

The first thing I recommend is that you walk around the town, have fun, and then take the opportunity to take photos of every playful element. Here, you can snap pictures from different perspectives, resulting in very original memories. Let your imagination fly and dare to make fun poses. This place has everything for you to achieve it. 

Respiro is the second stage of this route, the ideal place to practice your poses on the beach and add beautiful photos in brightly colored hammocks to your gallery. You can sit on the sand, in the hammocks, lay down and walk between them to get your best photo. You can take advantage of the music, get carried away by the rhythm, and let your camera capture your happiness in this crazy and exciting town.  

Hidden places to take photos in Xenses 

The Path of Felling has two fantastic settings which everyone falls in love with: The Eden and the Xitric Garden. In this path, we recommend you take your cell phone because there are activities where you cannot take cameras, only cell phones. 

The Eden is the reward for one of the most beloved activities on this path, and it is perfect for some good nature photos. This place has fauna, so pose in front of the macaws, the flamingos, and the waterfalls. I also recommend taking pictures of the landscape, because it looks incredible. 

Leaving Eden, you will find the Xítric Garden, full of vegetation, unique seats, and the “Besucona”, who always greets the visitors with a kiss. Next to her, you’ll find the best lemonade you’ll ever taste. Here there are many spots to take beautiful memories from different perspectives. I recommend you put your artistic gifts into practice and take advantage of the whole garden. There are many ways to achieve original photos. 

This route also has paths filled with optical illusions that, with some creativity, will make the most fun photographs that will bring you joy while taking them, as well as every time you see them, back home. One of them is the Path of Dwarfs and Giants, which is at the beginning of the route. 

Tips for capturing the best action photos in Xenses activities 

All Xenses activities are really fun, with strategic points of view, so that you can have a great time and take the best photos. Being unique activities, the best thing you can do is enjoy them and smile at the Xelfie points. 

Some activities include Xensatorium, Slip, Riverlaxing, Bird Flight, and Sludgerie, where using your cell phone is not an option. I recommend you enjoy them and put on your best smile so that the park’s cameras can do their magic. When you get your photo package, you’ll thank me. 

How does the Xenses Photopass work? 

Speaking of the photo package, the Photopass is the best option for visiting this Park in Playa del Carmen. As I’ve told you before, it’s a pretty unpredictable park: it has beautiful settings, vibrant colors, and thrilling perspective games that only reveal its magic from strategic points of view. Your bracelet will be your best friend because you only need to pass it once in front of the Xelfie sensor, and then, strike a pose! 

In the Pinwheel, you will find different spots for photos with optical illusions and of course these effects shine more through the park’s cameras as they are carefully placed. If you capture these spots with your cell phone or camera, the colors will remain attractive, but maybe you won’t capture the full essence of the setting. Remember that in Xenses, nothing is what it seems. So, stand at each Xelfie point, and smile. 

In the fantastic settings and activities, there are Xelfies points which are included in your Photopass. If you’re the type of traveler who prefers to leave the cell phone in his locker to live in the moment, then you will benefit greatly from the photo package, with perfect photos and a worry-free day. 

You can acquire your Photopass before, during or after your visit. To purchase it after your visit, just email with the following information: date of your visit, bracelet number, and full name. 

Now that you know the tips and best ways to take photos, you are ready for the magic of Xenses Park. 

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Me encanta vivir nuevas experiencias y aprender de los constantes cambios de la vida. Amante de las nubes, los árboles, los animales y el fútbol. Creo que siempre hay algo bueno en cada día.


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