The perfect gift for your couple this valetine’s day: DIY Crafts

Creativity and imagination

Valentine’s Day is coming and it is the perfect excuse to demonstrate your friends how much they mean to you. And of course we know it may be difficult to make a budget to buy them expensive gifts, you don’t have to worry. There’s no better way to show someone you love them than giving them something you made yourself, this is why we want to share with you some ideas of DIY crafts and gifts.

Oh we know what you might be thinking “But I’m not really that crafty”, “Where will I get the materials”?, but you seriously don’t have to worry, how about making these gifts out of old stuff you don’t use or from recycled materials?, just take a look at this ideas and get inspired:


This is the most practical material to create useful and interesting things and it can be found everywhere. This is a great excuse to turn that wood stored in your home into a perfect gift:

Wood Portraits

You only need a square piece of wood, water, sponge, glue, lacquer to protect your creation and a printed paper with a photography of that moment between friends you want to share.

Photo By Crafts Unleashed.

-The first step is polishing the piece of wood to remove the imperfections

-Then glue the printed side of your photography to the piece of wood

-Wait at least 6 hours and remove with a wet sponge the paper until you see the ink transferred to the wood.

-Use the lacquer to protect the ink, and it’s done, you have a perfect gift!

Photo By Crafts Unleashed.

This is only a little sample of what you can do with wood but the possibilities are uncountable, you can create signs and even furniture. Just let go and get artsy.


At home we can find this material in many ways; bottles, jars or use those broken dishes, glasses, vessels to create something beautiful and practical for this special day. If you have friends living on their own, this glasses made from bottles are a great idea.

Photo by Brit.Co

You only need a bottle, thread, alcohol, lighter, bucket, sandpaper and cool water.

-First soak the thread in alcohol and tangle it very tide around the bottle just in the half or higher, it depends on the form of the bottle or the signs printed on the glass

-Take the lighter and light up the thread until it absorbes the alcohol

-Right after the alcohol is consumed, submerge the bollte in the bucket with cold water until you hear a crack

-Now you only need to use the sandpaper to polish the borders of the glass and voilá, your new glass is ready to be used


As you can see it doesn’t require a big effort to create useful and beautiful things from glass like bottle lamps, flowerpots and decorate with the broken glass your furniture o clothes, there are no limits for its use.

But there are more materials we can work with to create crafts like paper, clothes, plastic, dried leafs and more. It only takes a few minutes and the necessary tools to have a unique piece to decorate our home or to make a special gift out of some DIY crafts!