An adventure day

and style for miles

If you like adventure and travel, you know that taking awesome pictures of those places is an essential part of the experience. Exploring such a fantastic area like the jungle of Riviera Maya, you will want to have the best shots of your entire vacations.

photo by IG @richabashed

I’m sure that you’ll search for every little detail to capture the beauty of the jungle. Try every possible angle to share the essence of the day that you became a true Xplorer. Now I know that you love to take photos. That is why in here you’ll find the coolest and hidden spots in the Park to make original and creative pictures during your visit to Xplor.

Get ready with your camera or smartphone because as soon as you arrive, you’ll want to take photos.

photo by IG @jav_figuer0a

Nature is the perfect company. Follow the paths to the underground world.

Can you get to this secret garden with natural pools and hammocks? Find them at the end of the underground swim river. Get some minutes to relax and to take a lot of photos.

photo by IG @hurss_

Not every day you have the chance to walk below the surface. These tracks are full of stalactites and unusual natural formations for an epic photo.

This place is Instagram worthy.

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Crossing this waterfall is the chance for a funny picture and a video too! Don’t forget to do it with an original style.

Challenge your creativity and artistic eye while you walk your way up the ziplines towers.

Style matters…Finally, one last shot of my social profiles and mission accomplished!

photo by IG @molchannastja

Your photo galleries in your camera or smartphone are not just the memories of a trip. They make us remember the smell, the weather and the sounds of those incredible journeys. For example, you will remember the music of zip line wires or the temperature of the water while rafting.

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