Romantic Songs Of The Mexican Music

February 06, 2018

Don’t You Know How To Say I Love You?

Mexican music is here to help

In these days love and romance looks a little bit lost. Have you ever do a serenade to your girlfriend? If something identifies us in Mexico is our good sense of humor but also that we are very romantic.  And the best way to show how romantic we are is through music.

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No matter if you are a boy or a girl trying to conquer the heart of your crush. Mexican music will have the exact feeling and the right words for every love story. The only thing that is needed is the courage to say this words to your loved one. Let’s get to work, down here you will find some of the most romantic songs played by the traditional ensembles at the party of Xoximilco.

We translate a part of the lyrics so you can understand what they say. Just play the next videos and enjoy. Don’t hesitate and say to your lover how much do you want to spend your life with her or him.

“We have enjoyed this love for so many time,
That our souls became very very close.”

The next one is for those ones that love flirting. If you don’t succeed with this song, maybe you sang out of tune.

“May that moment remain with me forever
What a beautiful experience is to have you on my side.
Sadness goes when you are with me.”

If you want to know more about the different Mexican music styles click right here.

Come on comadre, say yes! Don’t you see that he is suffering?  He doesn’t sleep and he doesn’t eat! Have you ever been in this situation?

“It’s so nice to be with you, being close to you
The moments that you give me, I will not forget them.
With you, there is no more loneliness,
How I like your words and the way you softly tell me that you’re dying for me”

All right, this is my song! This ballad and a mariachi is the perfect mix for a romantic night.

“With you, I learned to see the light from the other side of the moon
Being with you I learned that I won’t change your presence for nothing else.”

This is how love works. Use every chance you have to show how much you love her and be thankful for every moment together.

“I’m grateful to heaven for letting me the chance to meet you.
I’ll always tell the starts how nice I felt the day I met you”

After hearing all these romantic songs you have to visit us at Xoximilco Cancun, choose your favorite Mexican music style and be reading to sing.

Which of these romantic songs are you going to dedicate? Continue to Volume 2

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