Amazing nature

7 extraordinary natural places 

If you love traveling and discovering natural places like us, you might as well have your own bucket list where you keep all the destinations you’d like to visit someday, don’t you? Most of the times, these places aren’t even in the same country, and worst cases, the same continent. Lucky for us, we live in a big and beautiful country with all kinds of landscapes and unique places you will only find in Mexico.

1.- Valley of the Monks in Chihuahua.

Legend has it that this site originated 20 million years ago when Earth was created. It is said that the inhabitants of this valley had shaped each and every single one of the rocks in this place. However, it has been confirmed that these amazing rock formations were actually created thanks to the movement of the plates over thousands of years, how amazing is that? 

2.-  Hidden beach in Banderas Bay.

The only way to access this beautiful beach is trough an underwater tunnel that separates it from the Pacific Ocean. It is part of The Marieta Islands in front of Nayarit and Jalisco’s coast. They are known as the Mexico’s Galapagos for being a natural sanctuary for species like dolphins, tropical fish, stingrays, humpback whales, sea turtles, and reptiles. 

3.- Lake of the Seven Colors in Bacalar, Quintana Roo.

In the south of this state, you will find Bacalar, better known as the Mexican Bali thanks to its crystalline water with different shades of blue. The fascinating thing about this place is that the lagoon is formed by seven different cenotes, all connected to each other. Bacalar is also known for being a beautiful Pueblo Magicowhere you can swim, dive or take a quiet boat ride.

Mexican Pueblos Magicos, what’s so magical about them? Read all about them here.

4.- Petrified waterfalls in Oaxaca. 

Hierve El Agua waterfalls were formed thousands of years ago by the carbonated water that runoff into a 600-foot ravine. At the top of the waterfalls, you will find an amphitheater, a place with natural pools and springs, which was transformed into a resort with cabins and other services for campers who visit this natural site every year. 

5.- The Cave of Swallows in San Luis Potosí.

Located in Aquismon town, the Cave of Swallows is an abysm of more than 1,200 feet of freefall: it’s considered the sixth deepest abysm in the world. In this place, you will find bird species like parrots and common swifts, which are really similar to the swallows, that’s why it is commonly known as “The Cave of Swallows”.

6.- A river inside of a cenote in Tulum.  

We really do have amazing natural places in Quintana Roo, like Cenote Angelita for example, a mystical site that hides one of the most amazing natural phenomenon in Mexico. It’s a 200 feet vertical shaft where saltwater and sweetwater meet and create a hydrogen sulfide layer. Expert divers describe this as a cloud seen from the top and as a multicolor layer from below: like a flowing river. 

7.- Turquoise lake in Chiapas.

Montebello National Park is a group of 59 multi-colored lakes united by the corrosion of the limestone over time. This place was created in 1959 to preserve the woods and the fauna of the area. Inside this park, you will find activities like hiking, camping and horseback riding. One of the must-visit places in Chiapas.

As you can read, these natural places are only a little sample of the incredible nature we have in Mexico. Everyone can discover new places when they dare to break out the routine. 

Tell us, what is the most amazing place you’ve visited?