Tips for driving a Monster Truck for the first time

February 13, 2020

Become an all-terrain pilot!  

One of the 6 unique activities you can enjoy at Xavage Park 

Today’s mission: be the best pilots at Xavage. On that note, we gathered the most valuable tips to dominate the steering wheel, directly from our expert Monster Truck team; Charlie and Dariseli, expert drivers, guide us through the most innovative obstacle circuit in Cancun.

Start your engines, this all-terrain adventure is about to start: 


1.- All there is to know about our vehicles 

The Monster Trucks at Xavage are specially and specifically designed for our park and for this obstacle circuit. You’ll be using your abilities to drive them around a surprising course for a unique adventure. 

Know the vehicle you’re about to board: 

  • Honda engine 
  • 4 cylinders 
  • 140 HP 
  • More than 1 ton of weight 
  • Mechanics: two pedals, brake, accelerator, lever, parking, reverse 
  • It’s an automatic vehicle 
  • Assembled at Xavage, specifically to tour these tracks 
  • All tracks have the same obstacles but arranged in a different order 

Pilot requirements: 

  • Must be 18+ years old 
  • Have a driver’s license and experience behind the wheel 
  • Minimum height: 5’ 3’’ (must reach the pedals and have enough visibility) 

Co-pilot requirements:  

  • Minimum height: 4 ft  
  • Be prepared to support your driver, every step of the way! 

2. Our road signs are your best friends 

We want you to be as prepared as possible, just as on a regular highway, you’re going to find from explanatory images of the obstacles, to “STOP” signs in critic points of the circuit, among other signaling with useful friendly reminders.

3. Use your break when going downhill 

We know that some of our drivers feel like speeding up whenever they see a slope. Don’t worry, you can let go and still feel the same level of excitement. Remember that this is a fairly heavy vehicle and gravity is on the side of fun. The same goes for the tempting water puddles. 


In the Xavage Monster Truck: the accelerator has greater sensitivity than the brake (doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work properly). Simply familiarize yourself with the car for a few meters, to fully understand it.

4. For a safer and more fluid route, leave 32 ft between Monster Trucks 

It’s not a plain track, so keeping your distance will help you to break as little as possible and avoid accidents. 

5. It’s not a speed track, it’s all about skills 

Although the Xavage Monster Trucks don’t have a speedometer, drivers are always asked to moderate their speed to approximately 20 Km/h. It may not sound as much, but once you’re face to face with our obstacles… trust me, you’ll want to take your time. 

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6. You can ask for support at any given time 

An adventurer will always be there for another. To receive assistance, just make an X with your arms and hold it over your head; the patrolmen on track will approach to solve your doubts, assist you if you want to leave the activity or offer any kind of support. Stop and turn off the car.  


By protocol, if through the first obstacles, our Monster Truck team notices that you’re having a hard time controlling the car or you’re going too fast, they will make you a first corrective attention call. If you get a second call of attention, for the safety of everyone on the track, they will ask you to return to the platform area. You can try again, as long as you are willing to apply to the recommendations.


7. Deciphering our obstacles: Pyramids 

Our Monster Truck team shares effective methods to overcome these striking elevations… run them over instead of trying to avoid them! Drive in a straight line, without turning the steering wheel. If you get stuck, use your reverse and start over instead of forcing the accelerator.


8. Your position on-board is really important 

Dear pilot: remember that our Monster Truck circuit demands your full attention. You’ve never faced a similar path! Try to always have your thumbs up, instead of wrapping them around the wheel like your other fingers. This way you can drive comfortably and will not get caught when you overdraw.

Co-pilot: welcome to the ride of your life. In order to have a trip without mishaps, keep your arms crossed in an X shape across your chest, holding the belt. The walls on the track are very close, so this position is the safest.


Finally, don’t hold the vehicle’s handle on the track! This is only to help you board. 

9. Curves ahead!  

The sloping curves are one of the favorite obstacles of our Monster Truck drivers. Remember that these are very sharp curves, so you want to avoid approaching the walls and stay in the center of the lane instead.

10. Overdrawing the wheel will cause really peculiar noise 

The steering wheel has a turning limit. If you hear a weird noise when taking a curve, it means you’ve overdrawn the vehicle’s axis. This peculiar squeak indicates us that it’s time to return the wheel to the center. If you don’t, the Monster Truck will turn off. It’s fine! Nothing is broken, just push the red button, straighten the steering wheel and go on.

11. No cameras allowed 

The only cameras allowed are those that can be attached to your helmet or chest. If you want to take home the best Xelfies on track, we highly recommend purchasing the Photo Pass. 

12. The distance from the pedals to the seat varies between cars  

You’ve done the activity before and the pedals fit you differently? Yes, that happens sometimes. As each car is maintained, the seats and pedals are changed, so they can be more or less padded, affecting your height. Ask to be placed in another vehicle if you are not 100% comfortable with the height of the pedals.


Now you’re ready to enter the Monster Truck circuit! Remember that the most important thing is to perform this activity safely for everyone on the track. Apply these tips on your visit and explore the Xavage terrain with great style. 

Pilot or co-pilot, which one will you be?

Nacida en el paraíso. Apasionada por contar historias, el teatro, la danza y el arroz con leche de mi mamá.


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