Art exhibitions we had at Hotel Xcaret Arte in 2023

February 08, 2024

The experience of living Mexican art.

Hotel Xcaret Arte: Art multiplier platform.

Throughout the year, Hotel Xcaret Arte hosted exhibitions that took guests on a fascinating journey through the vibrant world of art, in which they were able to enjoy everything from Mexican handicrafts to contemporary works of art, and I am pleased to tell you a little more in detail about everything that the Program for the Promotion of the Arts made us live.

We began this artistic journey with Diacronías by sculptor Jorge Marín, from Michoacán, who surprised us with the symmetry and balance in his imposing bronze sculptures. Nine of his pieces enhanced the beauty of the hotel's spaces, four of them made such a perfect amalgam that it was impossible to imagine the space with their absence, so they became part of the permanent exhibitions of Hotel Xcaret Arte.


We continued this artistic journey with the exhibition Otra tierra / Otra Luz, by the Oaxacan collective made up of five artists from the region: Cocotzin Prieto, Yari Montés, Enrique Flores, Cruz Vargas, Fernando Ramírez.  

They invited us to travel through the senses of the land, with a collection that included paintings and serigraphy.     

In addition to the exhibition of pieces, the Oaxacan collective also gave workshops to the guests, bringing them closer to live a unique experience to unleash their creativity.


In May, the surrealist current was present with the arrival of "Alchemy in bronze and magical labyrinths" by the famous artist Leonora Carrington, born in England, nationalized Mexican. In this exhibition could be seen the pieces of: Paseo a caballo, Arpista, Bandolonista, Cantante Muda, Nigromante, Máscara de gato, La Dama Oval, Serpiente voladora, Mariposa Mantarraya y La hija del Minotauro.


The most representative films of Mexican cinema arrived with "Cinemaztlan: La tierra prometida" (Cinemaztlan: The Promised Land), an exhibition dedicated to paying tribute to the best of the golden age cinema, which included a photographic, film and audiovisual collection of some of the most outstanding films of that era that are still in force today.


The contemporary muralist Rubén Carrasco was in charge of creating "Portal solar", which is now part of the permanent exhibitions and you can be surprised with it in your next stay, this work is a visual representation of the impact of the sun on the water and the sky, this mural is made up of 4 walls and each one contains divinities that represent the four elements: air, fire, water and earth, with a combination of flora and fauna endemic to the area.


The International Festival of Lights (FILUX) celebrated its tenth anniversary at Hotel Xcaret Arte, giving us nights full of light and color through sculptures, installations, 3D animations and immersive experiences. The light works merged with the hotel's architecture at specific points such as Casa Diseño, Casa de la Música, Casa Patrón, Jardín del Arte, Jardín Casa de la Paz and the restaurants Mercado San Juan and Cayuco. This was one of my favorite exhibitions, as it allowed you to interact with the work and feel part of it, giving us many instagrammable spots.


Finally, "Talavera, From tradition to contemporary expression" arrived to close the year 2023 and will be valid until March 21, 2024, so if you plan to visit Hotel Xcaret Arte in the first quarter of the year, add it to your itinerary because it is an unmissable stop, in this exhibition you can see from decorative pieces to everyday objects, Some of these pieces are part of the hotel's permanent collection and others belong to Talateca and Talavera de la Reyna, to the latter belongs the collection Alas de Talavera, which consists of 42 images of eagles, showing the eagle as a symbol and national emblem.


With these exhibitions, Hotel Xcaret Arte is positioned as an art multiplier platform, providing its visitors with an enriching experience that fuses the cultural richness of Mexico with the natural beauty of the environment, turning each stay into an opportunity to immerse yourself in art and creativity, making each stay something unique, no matter if you come more than once there will always be something new to delight your senses.

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