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The weirdest Ice Cream flavors in Mexico 


When it comes to desserts, we must confess that we are truly ice cream enthusiasts. We love tasting new flavors, the weirder, the better. And let us tell you that in Mexico, we are experts in that subject; combining crazy ingredients is our thing, and these 10 ice cream flavors prove it. 


1. Avocado Ice Cream

Every scoop of this culinary extravaganza will steal your heart. It is perfect for vegans and people with lactose intolerance since its ingredients don’t have any dairy products, only the multiple benefits of the natural avocado oil.



2. Rose petal Ice Cream

One of our favorites for its unique sweet floral flavor. This recipe is native to Veracruz and now has become a classic ice cream flavor for us. Mix it with pistachio ice cream to add an extra kick of coolness! 


3. Corn Ice Cream

Being Mexico the land of the corn, it was reasonable to expect that we had a delicious ice cream of this flavor, so if you like cornbread, you are definitely going to love this delicious and exotic flavor.  


4. Hibiscus flower with mezcal Ice Cream 

Just when you thought mezcal was delicious enough by itself, this colorful ice cream flavor comes up. Ideal for those nights when you don’t know if you want to get a dessert or a drink, why not both?


5. Sapote Ice Cream

Sapote is a soft fruit native to Mexico, Central America and northern parts of South America, usually used in dessert recipes for its unique sweet taste. It flavor is really similar to chocolate, but with a fruity twist. 


6. Gansito Ice Cream

Gansito is one of our favorite snack cakes in Mexico, famous for its strawberry filled and its delicious chocolate cover. This ice cream is perfect for people who love extremely sweet flavors.



7. Chile en Nogada Ice Cream

Chiles en Nogada is a traditional Mexican dish made of poblano chiles and stuffed with a mixture of meat. This ice cream recipe was born in Atlixco, Puebla and is made with the original ingredients of the dish: pear, apple, beef and pork, raisins, nuts, and pomegranate. Would you dare to try it?


8. Cheese Ice Cream

Let yourself be tempted with this exquisite ice cream, famous for its unique vanilla and fresh cheese taste. Ideal for hot summer days when all you want to do is enjoy something sweet, fresh and light.



9. Jalapeno Ice Cream

It was only a matter of time before we had a jalapeno ice cream. The mix of its ingredients is simply a gastronomic explosion for those who love strong and spicy flavors.


10.Tequila with lime Ice Cream

If you are crazy for tequila, you must try this ice cream; the blend between the lemon and the tequila will blow your mind!


We are sure that with the creativity that characterizes us, new ice cream flavors will appear every day.

Is there one that you would not dare to try? Share you comments bellow!

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