How to Survive a Cold Winter in the Caribbean

 Escape to Sunny Riviera Maya


Let’s be honest, we do like winter, but we love it when its sunny! If you are planning to escape from the cold harsh weather of the season and head south to Mexico’s most beautiful sunny beaches, then you are planning to have the best winter ever. Here’s our survival guide for a cold winter, in the Mexican Caribbean.


Use Layers.
During the wintertime is very important to use layers of clothing to keep you warm. But, since you’re coming to the caribbean, leave all those clothes behind and instead, bring layers of biodegradable sunblock.




Avoid Dry Eyes.
Of course taking care of our bodies is quite different during the winter, our eyes tend to get dry with weather exposure. Plus, we know it’s pretty hard to stare at the Riviera Maya’s sceneries without tearing, so keep them healthy by bringing a pair of sunglasses, or two.




Beat the Winter Blues.
Come on! You are on holidays! There’s no time for you to get sad. In Mexico? Never. All of us will make sure you keep a big smile on your face.




Stay Active.
We are sure that you don’t want to freeze to death by not moving, so we’ve got you covered with lots of outdoor and adventurous activities. From Zip-Lines, to rivers and jumpling cliffs, get ready to have a blast.




Drive Safely.
Are you thinking of tires on the snow? Nope! We are driving safely for you. You’ll find amazing Tours to archeological sites, sinkholes and transportation to all the best Parks.




Food to Keep You Warm.
All inclusive? Yes please! There’s no need to say more, lots of delicious food are waiting for you.


Store Plenty of Liquids.
Whether is Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, Riviera Maya will receive you like you deserve, with piña coladas, margaritas & tequila! So beat that cold weather and store plenty of liquids, in your body.




We hope we can make your winter in sunny Mexico one of the nicest of your life. Don’t forget to share all of your pictures with us!