The Perfect Outfit

For a very Mexican night at Riviera Maya

We know that when you think of what clothes to wear in Cancun, your first thought might be something comfortable like flip-flops and a t-shirt. But the destination has unique experiences like Xoximilco Cancun, the perfect occasion to use your favorite dress and glam up! Here are some tips for what to wear on your next visit! 

For her


Straight, curly, or wavy, it’s time for showing off that shiny hair while you dance! But, don’t forget to bring an extra hair tie if you ever feel like tying your hair up!


One of the cutest and most comfortable options for coming to Xoximilco are dresses. A short one or a maxi romper, whatever you choose will be your best ally while dancing to the rikitiki.


Going to Xoximilco means you can get out that new bright red lipstick, put that on, and find your inner Selena. Wearing bright colors will make you stand out in all of the photos since this is a night tour and you need to bring the photographer’s attention to you!.


Nights here are made for dancing till your feet hurt! Bring those cute flat shoes you feel the most comfortable, don’t be the girl who can’t dance because of her heels. Flat shoes or platforms are excellent choices for this Mexican fiesta.

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For him

-Classy shirt:

It’s finally the time for ironing your favorite shirt and wear that perfume your mom gave you last Christmas, you’ll feel all fresh and handsome, everyone at Xoximilco Cancun comes looking at their best! You can also play around with some fun colors because this Mexican fiesta is all joy and colors!


Keep it classy and simple, the comfortable shoes you know you look handsome in, you know what shoes we are talking about: the ones you wear at date night.

-Casual pants

Finally, to contrast your look with the fancy shirt you chose, some casual trousers can’t go wrong. What we don’t want you is to feel uncomfortable while you are having fun. One thing though! Shorts don’t count as casual trousers.

Don’t forget these are only some tips for you, in the end, if you come with jeans or sandals what’s essential is that you have fun!

What other accessories would you add?