Prepare To Party With Green, White And Red Colors

A historic celebration

People say that Mexicans are amiable hosts and good at parties. Well, let me tell you that this is true. Even more, if you are lucky enough to pass a couple of days in Mexico in the middle days of September. You may ask why? Here is the answer but first of all let me make a point very clear: 5 de Mayo is not as a festive day as a lot of people think.

Instead of it, there is the most important Mexican celebration on the night of September 15th. That is right! I’m talking about the Independence of Mexico from the kingdom of Spain. Which fight started that September night of 1810 and lasted more than 10 years. Enough from history, I want to party!

How is it to spend a September 15th in Mexico?

In the first place, you will see flags and tricolor ornamentals almost everywhere: stores, restaurants, schools. Where do we get all fake mustaches, hats, and all kinds of stuff? You will find them at mobile shops in the streets, most of them are near to supermarkets, schools or parks. I’ll come back to this point later on the blog.

Suppliers of the Mexican parties decorations

Where is the party?

Almost everywhere! As the tradition dictates, that night is meant to celebrate among friends and family. First of all, eating Mexican antojitos and if you are lucky enough, you can have some specialties of the Mexican gastronomy. After a huge dinner, most of the people do a thing that is called “el Grito” or the shout.

Which consists of attending to a public place, normally where the government house is located. In the meantime, around 11 o’clock, the governor goes out to the balcony to deliver a speech mentioning the heroes of the Mexican Independence fights.

The biggest celebration occurs in the Zocalo of Mexico city where the president is in charge of that ceremony. Photo by MasPorMas

Time to organize a proper Independence day party

Now that you have a little of the background, here’s everything that you must have to celebrate with an epic Mexican fiesta. Remember those tiny walking shops with flags? Well, visit them and get everything you need to dress up your place with Papel Picado (thin colored paper cut in shapes), makeup, more flags, the classic mustache, and pinwheels. 

Back to my favorite part, the food, let me tell you some of the all-time favorites of the night. They must be on your list to try.  Let’s start with a pambazo. Bread stuffed with mashed potatoes and sausage, bathed in chili sauce. Chiles en Nogada is one of the most artistic dishes in Mexican gastronomy. It is chili stuffed, with mince stew and fruits, topped with walnut cream, parsley, and pomegranate. Representing the colors of the Mexican flag. Added to them you can find the classic tamales or the pozole.

If you didn’t eat “Chiles en Nogada” or a “Pambazo” in an Independence Day party, you weren’t at a good one.

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If you prefer to stay at your place, instead of going to a public place to hear “El Grito”, don’t worry you can find it on T.V. Just don’t forget to shout louder every “Viva Mexico!”. Now it’s time to open the beers and the tequila bottles, while everybody dances to the sound of the mariachi and Mexican music all night long.

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16th of September is a festive day in the country, so a lot of people don’t have to work or go to school. So you will have time to cure the hangover.

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