Stunts, jump and free fall

Living the life to the edge

Hey Cancun Xplorers! Our list of the 8 most intrepid sports has come to an end. Thanks to all adventurers who shared suggestions along the way and inspired us to write this summary!

Xplorers demonstrated fearless intentions. Some stunts, jumps, free fall and human body skills revealed the “Cancun adventure travel” spirit:


1) Parkour

A discipline that consists in moving from one point to another as smoothly as possible, using basically the abilities of the human body. This means overcoming obstacles encountered along the way, such as fences, walls, etc. This will be a crazy way to Xplor Cancun!

2) Sandboarding

It is practiced mostly in sand dunes and is considered an extreme sport because of the adrenaline that is experienced by those who practice it.

3) Free-Solo Climbing.

The maximum expression of climbing, only the hands are used as hooks to stay in the cracks and projections of the rocks and feet for support. The only material used is a magnesium powder bag, to increase adhesion of the hands.

4) B.A.S.E Jump

A sport that employs an initially packed parachute to jump from fixed objects. It is considered one of the most extreme sports.

A great Cancun adventure travel is practiced among skydivers. Have you tried this?

5) Rafting

This sport combines the skill and spirit of adventure! You can start practicing in Xplor, a Cancun adventure tour that includes a  rafts circuit, which in addition of being totally safe, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the amazing underground scenery while paddling!

6) Mountainbiking

It is practiced in mountainous terrains and places that are composed of sand, dirt, mud, streams.

7) Canyoning

Traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and/or swimming.

8.  Surfing

Surface water sport in which a person, rides an object, usually a board on the crest of a wave usually carrying the surfer towards the shore. Sounds easy, but when it’s a giant wave, takes lots of practice!

Answer the following questions:

A) Which  extreme sport inspires you to explore a Cancun adventure travel? Have you tried any of these?

B) Which adventure you consider is the most exciting and why?