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Activities for Kids in Xcaret

Do you remember when you were a kid and the only thing you wanted was to live new adventures?  That’s exactly what this activity at Xcaret offers: a spectacular adventure for kids in a safe place where they will learn more about the environment.


This new activity is full of adventure for our youngest visitors. It is specially designed for kids between 4 and 8 years old. Adventure Kids offers the opportunity to interact with sharks and small stingrays.

The adventure begins when the guides explain the instructions. Here the kids learn about the species they are about to interact with.


Nurse Shark: Also known as cat shark, this species live at the bottom of the sea, growing up to 13 feet. They usually live in the tropical sea feeding themselves with molluscs and crustaceans. Although it may be intimidating the nurse shark is harmless. The kids learn not to be scared of them but to have caution if they get to find them in wildlife.

Stingrays: These sea animals have adapted to the bottom of the sea to protect themselves from predators. The kids learn the big difference between stingrays and manta rays. The stingrays in this activity are small ones and they are very friendly. In the wildlife these animals are also funny, being dangerous only if they feel attacked.


During this activity our visitors have the chance to pet and feed these new friends. They learn the differences and similarities between both of them, their behavior and how to protect them.


After their first interaction, the kids are ready to snorkel in a small lagoon to discover more about the sharks and stingrays. The activity is supervised by trained personnel in a completely safe and natural environment.

Young visitors have a unique experience as they learn a great lesson about what nature has to offer and how to take care of their environment.


For further information go to: Adventure Kids.

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